Tuggi and Sukhee

Marriage Proposal Photography

How we met: With too much gel on my hair I nervously knocked her door. A little girl opened the door and let me in. I told her that I wanted to see her sister Tuggi, and she laughed and called her. “Tuggi, your male friend is here,” with her joyful voice. When she came down the stairs, she almost looked like an angel. We went for dinner and began talking and after a couple weeks we were inseparable.

Marriage Proposal Photography (21)

how they asked: I planned the proposal for a few months. The most exciting for me was finding the exact ring for her. I know she loves surprises and I successfully tried a few rings on her finger while she was slept. I decided to buy the ring from Portland, Oregon because we could save on tax. So Seattle to Portland became my routine trip for a few months.

To make the surprise proposal, her sister Iggy, brother-in-law Bold, and her little sister Sophie, and “The Heart Bandits” and Rick and Anna Photography worked hard on planning. Everybody was so excited and Tuggi didn’t know why. The morning was so cold and windy. I told her, “let’s go to park and get some fresh air.” She hesitated a little bit and finally agreed. I saw our guys in the park and it was freezing over there. A guy approached and sang Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years” with his awesome guitar. We didn’t care about the cold, our hearts melted and I asked her the priceless question and got the priceless answer. I told her “I love you forever and ever.”

Marriage Proposal in the Park (26)

Marriage Proposal Photography

Marriage Proposal in the Park (27)

Marriage Proposal in the Park (25)

Marriage Proposal in the Park (23)

Marriage Proposal in the Park (18)

Marriage Proposal in the Park (17)

Photography by Rick + Anna
Event planning by The Heart Bandits