Tuesday and Luke

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How We Met

Nearly six years ago, our families, who already knew each other at the time and knew that we were both single, made the suggestion to each of us that we would be a good match. A couple of weeks later we had arranged to meet for the first time at a pub halfway between the two towns where we lived in England. Not knowing much about each other, including not having a good idea of what the other looked like, we managed to find each other for a drink at what we now call our “First Date Pub”. We hit it off straight away, despite my lateness (I was over half an hour late for the date!) and the fact that I let slip that I thought he would be taller! We talked and laughed for hours and after a few weekly “date nights”, we decided to become an official couple, on Valentines Day 2011.

how they asked

Given that I had spent most of my life in Grenada, a tiny island in the Caribbean, Luke had always known that it was a special place to me. We had been there together a few times and this summer we returned for the fourth time since we got together, but this time with friends. On the day of the proposal I was absolutely oblivious to the ongoing planning and orchestrating of the evening that was to come. I only knew that I was heading for a massage with my mum and friend Nat, because there were some vouchers to be used! After our relaxing afternoon, as we pulled up at the villa we were staying in, I still did not realise what was about to happen, even as I heard “our song” blaring from the inside. It wasn’t until the front door opened, I saw our friend pointing a camera at me and just beyond him, a candle lit pathway through the house that I began to think something was happening. I also turned to my mum for a hint as to what was happening, which was given away by a giant smile and tears.


The candles led me to Luke, who stood by the beautiful pool against an amazing sunset backdrop, where he had been patiently awaiting my arrival for over 45 minutes (I was late again!).


After I said yes, it became clear that a few of my childhood friends and family members had been watching the proposal unfold from a balcony overlooking the pool.


We then had an amazing evening celebrating with drinks, good food, music and some of our nearest and dearest friends and family. It was truly unforgettable and meant the world to me!