Engagement Ring Shopping: "Try Before You Buy" with Ritani

Buying an engagement ring means purchasing something to be worn everyday for the rest of forever…no pressure, right? Not only is the fear of your partner not liking what you buy a huge stress, but knowing you’ll be spending money on something that you may not see until after it’s made adds a lot of pressure.

Imagine being able to customize your engagement ring and try it out before you buy it! You can, with Ritani’s free in-store preview and all it takes are a few easy steps!

1. Create a custom engagement ring or select a loose diamond on the Ritani website.

Don’t know the first thing about buying diamonds? Don’t worry, Ritani has all the resources you need, including a ring advisor to help you stay in budget and incorporate your preferences! With tons of styles to choose from you can customize the diamond ring of your dreams.

2. Mark that you would like a free in-store preview as you add your item(s) to your shopping cart online.

Just like that the beautiful ring on the screen in front of you can be in your hands, for free. Buying something online can be scary because you never know what you’re going to get. That’s not the case with Ritani. What you see if what you get and you’ll receive proof of your chosen diamond’s certification and 4C grades.

3. Your item(s) are handcrafted, appraised, and shipped to your local store.

Did we mention even the shipping is free?! As if seeing your design in person isn’t enough of a stress reliever, you’ll also know you’re buying ethically. Ritani diamonds are ethically sourced and certified by the GIA or AGSL grading labs.

4. Go in and check it out, try it on, and ask your jeweler any questions you may have about your piece.

Determine if the diamond shape you chose looks good with the setting. Do you love it the way it is? Should you consider a different shape or setting to improve the ring’s overall style? What will make this the perfect ring you’ve been dreaming of?

5. Buy that day or walk away – the preview is still free even if you decide the ring is not what you envisioned.

Make sure you’re getting exactly what you want out of an engagement ring or loose diamond before committing to it. Whether you’re shopping as a couple and designing a ring together or trying to keep it a secret until proposal time, Ritani, the original try before you buy engagement ring company, is the solution for you. Choosing an engagement ring is a scary, costly investment. Shop with peace of mind knowing that what you chose is what you are getting, that it fits, and that it’s everything you’ve dreamed of as a couple. After all, it is a symbol of your love.