Troy and Kaylyn

how they asked

Troy told me he wanted to take a trip down to the Florida Keys, he wanted to plan everything (should have been more suspicious)! We became official in the Keys, so that place already holds a special spot for us. We had been counting down the days until this vacation for about a month, checking the weather every single day, multiple times! Unfortunately, the weather seemed to get worse and worse. But that didn’t matter, we were going! The day finally came, August 18th, 2017. We took the seven hour trip down to the Florida Keys from Daytona Beach. Originally, we were going to share a room with Troy’s Mom and twin, Diana and Chris. Upon arriving at the hotel they informed us that our room had been upgraded to a suite just for being a rewards member (kudos, Marriott)! We got up to our suite and it was perfect.

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Troy told us he had reservations at a local restaurant, so I put on my best dress (Lilly, of course) and got ready to head out. I had no idea where we were going or what I was getting myself into. We got to Mallory Square and there was a boat waiting to take us to Sunset Key. Once we arrived at the restaurant the sun was lowering, our view was unforgettable.

After dinner Troy asked if we wanted to go walk on the beach, and I’m always up for that! So there we went. Once we got to the end of the Key, he told me to drop my sandals…and that’s where I started to cry like a baby! He grabbed both of my hands and proceeded to drop to one knee. Of course I said YES!

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