Troy and Jadyn

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how we met – his side

Everything changed when I met Jadyn. I went to a party with some friends in Provo, UT where I was living. There was music, games and food. After enjoying the night for a bit, we went over to get something to eat. We came across a snow cone tent set up by a company that created an app called Mutual. There was a catch to getting a free snow cone- you had to download their app and set up a profile with them. It turned out that it was a dating app similar to the likes of Tinder. I downloaded it and quickly set up a profile. Later that night I got on the app and realized I didn’t set a radius for people I wanted to meet. There were girls from all over the world. I noticed the most breathtaking girl from Arizona and I thought to myself, “if I could only be so lucky to meet a girl like that.” *swipe up* A day later I got matched with that dream of a girl and she sent me a message.. before I knew it, I traveled 500 miles to lay eyes on the most beautiful thing i’d ever seen in my life. She was everything I wanted and more. I fell in love.

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how they asked – his side

I convinced her that a ring wouldn’t be on its way until July. I chose a day close to her birthday in June to surprise her with the most important question I’ve ever asked anyone. We went to dinner with her parents and afterwards she wanted to show me a potential spot for a wedding. It was a beautiful backyard with a big tree off to the side. When we arrived, little did she know, that we spent the past two days decorating the tree for this moment. It was draped, lit up and awaiting us to stand beneath it. I took her by the hand and lead her over. I got down on my knee and asked her to be mine forever… She said YES!

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how they asked – her side

We had been talking about getting married for a while and even been ring shopping but I had no idea when he was going to propose. In June he surprised me for my birthday and I thought maybe he’d propose then but no. The next week, we went to California for vacation and I was positive he’d ask me, but he didn’t. When we got home we went out to dinner with my parents and went to a spot we had thought could be a good place for a wedding. It seemed completely normal! When we showed up the tree had been lit up with candles and chandeliers and for a second I didn’t know what was happening, I was so surprised! It was private and thoughtful and everything I could have wanted!

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