Trixie and Sayantan

Image 1 of Trixie and Sayantan

How We Met

Sayantan and I met in Cuba for the first time. We were both on vacation there with our friends and happened to take the same-day tour to Havana. We started talking about our interest in photography and traveling on the bus ride back as it was a two-hour journey back to our respective hotels. We added each other on Facebook but the internet in Cuba at the time was limited to the hotel. Coincidentally, I was surprised to see him again at the airport on our flight back to Toronto. We couldn’t stop talking about the most random things while we’re waiting to board. And that’s when things sparked between these two of and now we can’t wait to start a new chapter in our lives.

How They Asked

Sayantan took me by surprise with the Valentine’s Day proposal. I thought we were just going for walk to the park that day cause there isn’t much to do during the lockdown in Toronto. At the park, we started walking towards a beautiful setup that read “marry me”.

Image 5 of Trixie and Sayantan

Image 3 of Trixie and Sayantan

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Image 4 of Trixie and Sayantan

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