Trista and Tyler

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How We Met

I got dropped off at the movie theatre near East Street quite a bit early and decided to sit by the door and wait. Well…each second felt like an hour. What if she doesn’t like me? What if I do something stupid? Millions of thoughts didn’t seem to mind crashing through the traffic jam that was my mind at the time. Regardless of the chaotic mess that was happening on the inside; on the outside I managed to maintain a respectable but nervous facade.

After what felt like a century, the door opened, and in walked Trista and her friend Brittny…right past me and on their way to the ticket stand. “Is that her?”, I thought. “That has to be her!”, I thought as I stood up and started walking towards them. When I was in front of her, I must’ve been standing there for a good 20 seconds before I said anything.

However, as star struck as I was, I realized how incredibly awkward I was being. I quickly managed a nervous “hi!”. The movie we were seeing was the movie Taken, and to be honest, I had no idea what was happening through the course of the movie. The only thing I could think about is how badly I wanted to hold that hand of hers, the only problem was; I didn’t know when. I know what you’re thinking “just grab it!”, well let me tell you, this matter was of grave importance, the moment needed to be perfect and any less would result in a creepy guy (me) grabbing some innocent girl’s hand for no reason whatsoever. I waited and waited and waited until the scene where the daughter was in the bedroom under the bed. When she got pulled from under the bed is when I finally reached for her hand.

The night ended after that movie: abruptly and too soon, but it was perfect. I ended the night with a call to Trista with me nervously beating around the bush about asking her if she wanted to start dating. The last thing I remember her saying in that phone call is, “Are you going to ask me or not!?”

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how they asked

Trista has loved the sport of softball since she was 2 years old, earned a scholarship to play in college, and ended up at Central Michigan University. After individually asking for the blessing of each member of her immediate family, I planned ahead of time how it was going to go down with her softball coach, Coach Jonker. On senior day- her very last game at their home stadium- I was going to go out on the field after the game when Coach Jonker was talking to her and surprise her at home plate. The game was nearing its end and I decided to go over by the fence so I’d be ready to enter the field once the game is over. The only problem is, the game didn’t last its normal 7 innings, it went into two extra innings. Getting more and more nervous by the second, I was praying the game would hurry up and be done with.

As the game ended, Coach Jonker went to home plate and said she had an extra award she wanted to give the seniors. Lucky for us, Trista’s last name was first in alphabetical order. She walked to home plate and Coach Jonker had her distracted: that was my cue. After a gentle shove to go (thanks Chelsea and Karly), I made my way to home plate telling myself not to look to the right at the fans or else I would’ve fainted right there on the spot. I got to Trista and said “Yep it’s happening”, and, completely shocked, she said, “Really? Are you serious?” I told her that when I met her, she was a rebel (Roncalli Rebels) and that she has been a rebel throughout our relationship. Since she told me she wanted to be graduated before getting engaged, I asked if she would be a rebel one last time for me (because I was asking a week before graduation). I got on one knee, asked, and got the response I was hoping for.

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She always told me she wanted her whole family to be there when I asked. Well, I definitely got her whole family there! Unfortunately, her sister was stuck at home, 9 months pregnant with baby Kane, supporting from afar; but, we were surrounded by her parents, brothers, sister-in-law, nieces, aunt, softball family, and even the whole CMU fan family. It was perfect.

We are so grateful for the love and support of everyone both in-person and in spirit, and, after being together for 7 years, cannot wait to finally be married on June 25, 2016!

Special Thanks

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 | Photographer