Trisha and Rayad

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How We Met

When I was 18, I started working at the front desk of Ray’s uncle’s real estate. About a year later, Ray came in to help out with some work, walked over to my desk and we started a conversation. Over time, he would come in, we would chat and make plans to hang out. We’d known each other’s families for as long as we could remember and our families knew each other, as well. We grew up around all the same people our entire lives! However, Ray and I never met.

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Our paths never seemed to cross. Timing is everything in life. You always find the people you need and want when you aren’t looking. Our friendship was innocent and before we knew it, we were falling for each other. The light bulb went off in my head (and heart) and his too! We hit it off and became official! We started dating. Days became weeks which then became very happy years.We finished school, traveled, started our careers and planned our future every step of the way. We did everything we wanted and accomplished so much by each others side. 7 years and 8 months later…the rest is fairy tale history!

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how they asked

Ray loves cruises. We had gone to so many places and never actually took a cruise together. We decided for our summer trip in July of 2017, to Europe, we would do just that! We stayed in Venice, Italy for a couple days, then departed to Dubrovnik, Croatia – Kotor, Montenegro – Santorini, Greece and our last stop was Katakalon, Greece. It was the trip of a lifetime, but we would certainly do it over and over again! We had an agenda set every day on our trip and I was over the moon excited for every stop! Wednesday, July 5th came around (the day after my birthday) and we happened to be in Santorini. Ironically, we actually had nothing planned for that day and I started to worry that we would not be able to see everything. So, I followed Ray’s lead and everything worked out fine. At one point, I thought we were lost (because he told me we were and I believed him), so he told me to ask for directions to the blue roof tops! I did.

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We finally found a gorgeous cliff overlooking all of Santorini, white houses on one side, the blue roof tops on the other and the beautiful blue sea in front of us! The place began to clear and we had it all to ourselves. For every stop of our trip, Ray took a picture of me taking in the scenery & like normal, he asked to take a picture of me looking at the ocean. So I did. As I turned around, after he took the picture, there was the love of my life down on one knee asking me to marry him, on this beautiful cliff, in the most beautiful place with a photographer (who he organized himself!) to capture every moment! Turns out, telling me we were lost was him buying time to find the very location we were at.

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He already knew where we were headed and was just waiting on our photographer! My heart overjoyed and full, I said YES! Actually, I couldn’t speak for the first few seconds because I was shaking with joy and my heart was bursting with excitement – feelings I could never explain or put into words! Our photographer even made a joke asking, “so, is that a yes!?” Haha! Every moment of ours led up to that one. It was picture perfect. Everything was perfect. My heart is full, happy and beaming. He is the puzzle that completes me and I cant wait for a lifetime of adventure, surprises and perfect moments like this one! 7.5.2017

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Special Thanks

Nikola Ancevski
 | Photographer