Trisha and Judah

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How We Met

In January of 2013 I had been working at a real estate office in Erie, PA for quite some time, however; the slow winter season was hitting the business hard which ultimately lead to me being permanently laid off from the company. Not knowing what to do next and wondering what I would do for work, a friend had mentioned that a tattoo shop in town was looking to hire a new front desk manager. Obviously this sounded right up my alley, as I have always had a strong passion for the art world, tattoos and had plenty of administrative experience. After a brief meeting with the owner, I was hired on the spot. I began working at the tattoo shop in the beginning of March and really enjoyed the position. I met all sorts of new people, Judah being one of them, as he was a tattooer at the shop. Both Judah and I were in relationships with other people when we met, so being together had never even crossed our minds, but we developed a very strong friendship over the next several months. We had a lot in common and enjoyed joking around together at work. By the Summer of 2013 both of our relationships with our then significant others had deteriorated and ended.

After five months of friendship and now that we were both single, we began to realize how much we enjoyed one another’s company and began spending time together outside of work, as friends still though… until one night. I invited Judah to come over to hang out and paint, when he arrived I offered him one of her favorite beers, which he accepted and we started to paint. Now, at the time I was not aware that he did not like beer and never drinks it… yet he drank one anyways.. albeit very slowly, haha, but he did it to be nice and not decline my offer. As the night passed we finished painting and put on a movie. I can’t recall what the movie was, but neither of us were paying too much attention anyways. We were too busy talking and joking around.. Judah has a way of telling stories in just a way, with a certain comedic punch that can literally bring me to tears from laughing so hard. At this point we were just sitting on the couch next to one another when Judah, ever so sly and sneakily leaned over and kissed me. And as they say it.. the rest is history.

how they asked

September 18th, 2016, 4 am. Judah and I were just getting up and out of bed to head to the airport. Today we were flying to Orlando, Florida to begin our five day Disney World vacation. As per every vacation they took, Judah teased on the plane and said his famous line, “if you’re lucky, maybe you’ll get a ring this time”, since I had heard this line, oh about 4 times before on previous vacations, I rolled my eyes at him and said “Yeah, okay. I’m sure you will with the secret ring I packed in your bag”, as I had packed his suitcase for the trip and knew for 100% certainty that there was no ring in his luggage.

We arrived at the Caribbean Beach resort around 11:30 am, but our room was not ready yet, so we headed straight to the Magic Kingdom where we met up with Judah’s Dad, Randy, his Step-Mother, Brenda and their grandson, Chad. We got in a few of their favorite rides and then headed back to the resort around 4:30 pm to clean up and change for our 6:30 pm dinner reservation at the highly anticipated Be Our Guest. (Side note – if you are not familiar with Disney World, then you should know that if you are staying on property during your vacation that you are shuttled around to your resort and theme parks by Disney’s bus line.. depending on where you are going a bus ride can take 15 minutes to an hour.) By 6:20 pm we still had not left the resort and knew we were going to miss our reservation. I called the restaurant to let them know we were running severely late, but still wanted to dine at Be Our Guest.

The hostess was very nice and accommodating saying that we could take our time and that they would still honor the reservation. I would say it was about 7:35 pm when we arrived to Magic Kingdom where the restaurant was located. Now leads to problem #2… Judah and I had purchased tickets to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party that was taking place that night, which is a specially ticketed event that you cannot get into with your regular park admission. Well… Randy, Brenda and Chad did not have tickets and therefor could not get into the park. They headed over to guest relations to see if they could assist them and all panic-y told Judah and I to run to the restaurant to make sure we could still all eat there. I was not worried at all – as I had already spoken to the hostess who assured me they would honor the reservation no matter what time we showed up, however; Judah was clearly stressed out.

I kept trying to reassure him that everything was fine and not to worry, but it didn’t seem to help much. We checked in at the hostess stand and received a call from Randy saying that they were on their way and that guest relations gave them three free Halloween Party tickets (Over a $200 value, so we were pleasantly surprised)! As we all entered the restaurant a secret exchange took place between Randy and Judah, which I was completely oblivious to because I was so exited to finally be eating at this restaurant, and in the West Wing at no less! Dinner was amazing and so delicious, now it was time for dessert! At Be Our Guest desserts are rolled over to you inside of a large glass display case, all fancy like. Their famous dessert is The Grey Stuff (que the Beauty and The Beast song with the dancing dishes “try the grey stuff, it’s delicious!”) As I was admiring all of the treats and trying to decide what I wanted the waiter said “Hmm well I think there is something I need to bring out before dessert, right?”. I looked utterly confused. From under the dessert case the waiter grabbed a plate and walked over to the table and placed it in front of me.

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In fancy chocolate lettering it read “Will You Marry Me?” and at the same moment Judah pulled an amazingly gorgeous ring out of his pocket. I immediately burst into tears of joy. I’d estimate it took a solid minute or two for me to compose myself enough to utter the word “Yes”. It was more than I had ever dreamed and I was completely and utterly shocked that it had actually happened.

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There was even an edible rose on the plate filled with The Grey Stuff! We were on cloud 9 for the rest of the night, as you could imagine, and didn’t even care that the Halloween Party got basically rained out, because none of that even mattered anymore.

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