Trisha and John

Where to Propose in Cancun, Mexico

How We Met

We met when I was 14 years old. He was my best friend’s stepbrother and I immediately had a crush on him. He was a freshman in high school and he was so cute and cool. We tried talking but our paths never lined up. He became a very close friend. I ended up moving back to Texas to finish high school but we stayed in touched. Once I graduated I moved back to Delaware and we started dating immediately. We moved in together after a year and we have now been together for 6 years.

how they asked

We went to Mexico with four friends. On the last night, he and I had a date night and took a walk on the beach. It was so dark and no one was around. We stopped at one moment and he embraced me. As my head was on his chest I felt his heart racing. I mean I thought something was wrong it was moving so fast. I asked him if he was okay and he said it was like that all week. I knew he was lying but we started walking again. He asked me (playfully) if I really wanted to marry him and I said Of course! He then turns in front of me and bends down on one knee. I was in such shock I asked if he was messing with me. He said nope and I said yes! I made him propose again because I missed it the first time thinking he was messing with me!