Trisha and Jesse

How we met: We met in college when one of my girl friends, Kelsie stopped by the game room, where I worked, to play some ping-pong with Jesse. We chatted a bit before they played and the very first words I ever told Jesse was “you! I don’t know you but if you ever give a girl a ring, you better mean every word of it”.

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Shortly after then, Kelsie started dating a mutual friend of ours. As I passed Jesse randomly one night, I teased him about losing his ping-pong buddy, but if he ever needed a new partner, I could be his. And he took me up on that. We then decided to do a ping-pong match a month later with Kelsie and Aaron and Jesse took that opportunity to hang out consistently through “preparing for the match”. He made a deal with me the night before that if we won, we would go out for some Chipotle. We totally lost, but we went out anyways, and that was when I started for fall for him.

Ping-pong games became a regular and slowly ended with us studying at the library together or hanging out and going on walks around the city. And then Seven months later, we started dating.

how they asked: I had my final job interview on December 31, 2014 and Jesse and I decided to go to the coast to celebrate my new employment. I suggested that day that if the weather was good, that
we should do our favorite hike, Cascade Head by Lincoln City (not knowing he had planned that all out already) and he agreed.

Image 6 of Trisha and JesseWe took our time with the hike and took pictures, enjoying the view. The weather could not have been more perfect, it was sunny and the whales were out in the ocean spouting, there were elk roaming around and five bald eagles soaring above us when we got to the top. The moment we got to our spot up on the hill to take our “classic cascade head” picture, my phone dies and I was terrible disappointed. Jesse told me to just enjoy the view and so I put my phone behind me, where I find a dozen roses. Since the view was absolutely perfect, I told Jesse to get the roses, and he said that was a good idea and he did. I jokingly said that if he had a ring, this would have been perfect and just as I was saying that-he got down on one knee and asked me to marry me. I couldn’t have been more surprised. And of course, I said YES :) (I was not expecting him to propose any time soon because he had kept telling me for months that he was not ready to get married and settle down anytime soon because he wanted to focus on his senior year of college and travel around before he settles down. )

We talked for a bit and then he asked me to go to the edge of the cliff with him, and when we got there, I found a table set up with drinks, snacks and with a touch of ping pong. He also had our songs splaying in the background.

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Jesse had one of his good friends help set the whole thing up and secretly take pictures of the whole thing. When we got back down, I found my car filled with many dozen white roses. Jesse definitely planned an absolute perfect way to end the year. I am so excited and beyond blessed to marry him!

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