Trinda and Jonny

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Pennsylvania

How We Met

We went to high school together. We had a few mutual friends so we were around each other at times but we never got together or even thought about it.

Proposal Ideas Pennsylvania

After Trinda graduated college, we really hit it off. Our friends are all friends so we were around each other a lot at the beginning. When it wasn’t just the two of us hanging out, it was us and the rest of our friend group. We got so close in such a short amount of time and became inseparable.

Trinda's Proposal in Pennsylvania

how they asked

He was supposed to be in Ohio. One of his groomsmen, Joey, invited him up for the weekend and he left on a Friday night.

We talked about marriage and life together for awhile and he knew what my goals were before we took any of those steps. A few weeks before we got engaged, we moved in together and life was perfect. And then March 10th came.


One of my bridesmaids, Taylor, took me out for the day. She’s getting married a month before me :) so we went to look at brides maids dresses for her and made a day out of it. We went shopping, got our nails done and of course had to stop and get something to eat.

We went to the rusty rail in mifflinburg. Taylor does this thing where she takes a thousand pictures on my phone and then wants to send them to herself after, so when she took my phone on the way out I didn’t think anything of it. We got to the front doors and I saw him outside. He was standing there, with a puppy in hand and I was just so excited to see him. We are NEVER apart. I dreaded that weekend for a while because I wasn’t ready to be without him yet. We are so close and so intimate and it was hard but when I saw him my heart just did a little “!!!”

I ran up to him and he got down on one knee and asked me and i don’t know how I could have said no.

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