Trina and Zachary

How We Met

One weekend 5 years ago, my friend and I went to visit my aunt in Melbourne Beach, Florida. After a couple drinks with my aunt (this being the first time I have ever had alcohol), my aunt decided to call a couple of her firefighter friends to hang out with us. Zach was the only one who answered, who happened to be visiting his parents from college, 1 mile down the street. My aunt told him “her niece and friend are in town and they are both models”, Zach quickly hops off Xbox to hang out with models. By the time Zach had gotten there, I had a LOT to drink and ended up falling asleep on the couch. Who knows how much. Later, I woke up and threw up OVER Zach. Thankfully I missed him, and stumbled to the bathroom and fell asleep on the floor there for the rest of the night. The next morning, he texted my aunt asking if I was okay and planned to meet up again to hang out. Cue the audible “Awwww’s” that came out from all of us. We all hung at the beach later that day and he tried (unsuccessfully) to teach me to surf. We exchanged numbers, met up in Orlando a couple days later, and he asked for my dad’s permission to date me (he was 21 and I was 17). The rest is history.

how they asked

Almost 5 years later, just 2 months shy of our 5 year anniversary–Zach had broken his arm in December 2017, so he hadn’t worked for a couple months. I knew he didn’t want to propose with a broken arm. So finally, he is back to working and making money and he said he wanted to go out to dinner in Winter Park (the place of our first Orlando meeting/date). All I thought was, “This is our first real date in a while, I am so excited”. So we dressed up cute, and we went for happy hour at our favorite place Blu. We had a couple of cocktails, an appetizer, and just enjoyed each other’s company. Well Zach started saying he is starving, I need to hurry up and finish my drink. So we left and started walking towards the Italian restaurant we decided on when he says, “lets walk this way” towards a rose garden in the middle of the park in Winter Park. I say “You are starving, lets go eat” but he said he wanted to walk and I just let it happen. I’m usually very stubborn and ask tons of questions, I am not easy to surprise. I think of everything and plan everything, so the fact that I still had no clue shocks me! As we walk into the rose garden, hand in hand, we turn and I see our photographer friend Mike run to hide behind a brick pillar. I say “Mike?” and turn to Zach, and begin to bawl my eyes out. Mike comes out and starts taking photos as Zach gets down on one knee, he looks up at me and is crying as well. Zach says, “I can’t say anything I planned on saying, will you marry me?” and I just shout “Duh!”.

Trina and Zachary's Engagement in Winter Park, Florida

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Trina's Proposal in Winter Park, Florida

Proposal Ideas Winter Park, Florida

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(In the photos you can see the engagement ring, which his parents gave to us. This ring is the ring Zach’s dad proposed to his mom with. You can also see the promise ring Zach gave me when we hit 6 months, that was engraved ‘You’re my home’ ).

Special Thanks

Mike Rawls
 | Photographer