Trieu and Dakota

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how we met

Dakota: Trieu and I met our freshman year of high school. I knew before I sat down next to her for the first time that I was going to marry her. It was love at first sight. Trieu and I sat together in Biology. Good thing we had great chemistry. I would look forward to that class every day because I would get to see her. Before I knew it I was eating lunch with her and getting to know her better. A few months after I met her I asked her on a date and we’ve been in love ever since.

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Trieu: It was an atypical boy meets girl kind of story. We met freshmen year in high school. It was biology. And any chance he gets he tells this corny joke of how we actually had chemistry. I remember it clearly, he was sitting at the front of the class, while I was in the back. He then got moved to the back as punishment when he was being disruptive. The whole relationship started kind of bittersweet. Eventually after some science projects, I started falling for him. We’ve been together ever since. What made our relationship unique was that my parents didn’t officially know about us until years later. Throughout high school and college, just like everyone else, my parents were more worried about me getting into a good college and finding a successful career. Naturally, they didn’t really care for any relationships or “distractions”. So, as a “rebelling” teenager, I just hid the relationship for about 6 years. I’m pretty sure my mom knew deep down and probably excused it to having fun. After I graduated with my bachelor’s, the nagging slowly stopped and it was replaced with support. By the time we moved in with each other, it was just time.

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how they asked

Dakota: The day came together perfectly. It took a lot of planning with the help of a lot of talented people. Most of the planning had to take place during my lunch breaks so that Trieu wouldn’t overhear me planning things at our apartment. Everyone kept asking if I was nervous and how I felt. The truth is that I wasn’t nervous at all. Trieu and I had been dating since high school. She is my best friend and I felt no hesitation about asking her to spend forever with me. Her reaction was priceless. She was so excited to see all of the puppies. Everything fell perfectly in place. She had no hesitation saying yes. We are both beyond excited for this next chapter in our lives together.

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Trieu: The days leading up to the proposal were just a whirlwind of emotions. We’ve been dating each other since high school and Dakota’s always been creative and romantic. I figured after being with each other for almost ten years the proposal would happen eventually. I just never expected to wake up at 5 to get my hair and makeup done. It just kept getting better throughout the day. Dakota had invited my closest friends and family. And then the biggest surprise was the puppies! You will never truly know what joy is until you cry from seeing something so precious and adorable. I couldn’t have asked for better moment in my life to finally begin the chapter in my life as Mrs. Jimenez.

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