Tricia and Warren

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How We Met

Warren and I met 11 years ago in high school during tennis team practice. One day after practice, we played a doubles match with some teammates. How we were assigned to be partners, I’m not sure, but I’m convinced it was all planned by our mutual friends. The competitiveness in me showed as I gave him a few (okay, a lot) of tips on strategy to win the game. I can’t remember which team won but the more important outcomes of that day were getting to know each other, exchanging screen names, and sharing some string cheese. The rest is history! To this day, we still play tennis at the same park where we first met.

how they asked

We went to Big Sur, CA to celebrate my special leap year birthday. Warren spent several minutes outside trying to get the perfect stargazing shot (or so he says he was!) while I cozied up inside the cabin by the fireplace. He called my name out asking for my opinion about his photo. I step outside but right before I turn the corner, he stops me and tells me how much he’s loved me for the past 11 years. We take a few steps forward where he had a display of our many snapshots together intertwined with firefly lights that said, “Tricia, marry me?” The beauty of the moon and starlit sky, dreamy display, my eyes filled with tears, and of course the sparkly ring almost made me forget to say yes! It’s safe to say, this was the best birthday ever!

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