Tricia and Dalton

Where to Propose in Breckinridge, CO

How We Met

We met 7 years ago as awkward high-schoolers. I was shopping with my friend who was texting Dalton at the time. He asked who she was shopping with and if the girl was cute. My friend said yes and gave him my number! We began texting and the rest is history!

how they asked

In January 2018, we had a trip-of-a-lifetime planned to Breckenridge, Colorado with our good friends. It was Dalton’s first time seeing snow! The day before we left, I got the flu. I took the day off of work to get medicine and focus on getting better before having to board a plane the next morning at 5 o’clock. Once we got there, it was BEAUTIFUL! Everywhere we looked was picture-worthy. I stayed in the cabin all day Saturday and Sunday, but thankfully the view was so pretty, I didn’t mind. On Monday, January 22, the gang decided to take a day off from snowboarding and skiing so we could see the town! I loaded up on DayQuil and we decided to start driving until we found a pretty view. On the way there, Dalton was really quiet. I teased him and told him not to ruin the fun. (I later found out he was getting nervous!) We found an opening and saw a couple of hiking hear and asked where we could go to see a view pretty enough for pictures. They pointed us in the right direction.

Tricia and Dalton's Engagement in Breckinridge, CO

After a hike (that seemed like lasted forever), we found the perfect spot and stopped to take pictures of the view. Our friends asked if we could take pictures of them, and they returned the favor. In the middle of a pose, Dalton tried to wiggle out of my arms and I told him to stop moving because this was a good pose! He kindly stood there a few more seconds before he got down on one knee! I couldn’t believe it! My exact words after he asked if I would marry him were “Are you serious?” I cannot wait to marry favorite person and go on many more adventures with him as my husband!