Trey and Tori

How We Met

Trey and I met in the fourth grade. My crush on him started first, but he quickly reciprocated with a bouquet of flowers from my “secret admirer”. By the end of fifth grade, we had been “married” on our school playground during recess. As we grew up, we continued dating and as we got older we became inseparable. From supporting me during my battle with Lyme disease, to graduation, to college move in day, he has been my best friend since before I can remember. We passed those long years in school planning our future together and imagining how incredible it would be to start a life together some day.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Naples, Florida

how they asked

It was a few days before Christmas when he took me out to a nice restaurant for dinner. After dinner, he suggested that we go for a drive. While we were driving, he played me a compiled video of my friends and family all telling me how much I meant to them. I had no idea where we were going, but when we pulled up to our elementary school playground I couldn’t help but gasp. The very swing set that we had gotten married on in fifth grade was covered in twinkling white Christmas lights with a lantern lit path leading up to it.

Trey and Tori's Engagement in Naples, Florida

The tears started instantly. He carried me over to the swing set and as we sat there reminiscing, he asked me to be his wife. His proposal was so special and the ring was so beautiful that I almost forgot to respond when it was my turn to say yes!

We are both currently attending college here in Washington D.C., and beginning to plan our wedding for after graduation in 2019!

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