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How We Met

Trey and I met in college. It was the second semester of my freshman year and Trey was a year older than me as a sophomore. Two weekends before we met, I had attended the general interest meeting for Intervarsity, a Christian fellowship on campus. The next week, at the second meeting, I was invited by two of my now best friends, Gretel and Nichole, to attend Bible study the following Tuesday. It’s a good thing I went. When I walked into small group that following Tuesday, I saw a cute boy with a black hoodie, the hood halfway on his head, jeans, and glasses. There was an empty seat next to him and I took it. If you didn’t catch on already, that cute boy was Trey.

Since our small group was all about fellowship, we hung out a lot, so Trey and I had ample time together with our group of friends. However, it wasn’t until about a month later that Trey and I started talking more. Our Bible study group decided to go bowling together and at the end of the night, we took a group picture together on my phone. I had to send it to everyone in the group, and therefore, needed the phone numbers I didn’t yet have, one of them being Trey’s. After I sent the picture, he had my number and began texting me nonstop. What started as innocent small talk turned into deep conversations. One day we decided that we would rather have those conversations in person, so we went to our library’s coffeeshop one night for some one-on-one time and talked until 3 AM. Time flew when we were together and the conversations came naturally.

However, contrary to popular belief, I didn’t actually “like” Trey until awhile after. (Either that, or I was just denying my feelings.) I went back to my journal entry from that night in the library and it read, “Trey is such a great friend.” Yes. FRIEND. Long story short, when he eventually told me he had feelings for me, I friendzoned him. I thought it was too fast to start dating since we’d just met a couple months ago and we were about to leave school for summer break and wouldn’t see each other for three months. I gave him all of the excuses in the book to stay friends and all he said was, “Ok…so ideally, when would you want to date?” Wait what? Who is this guy? Didn’t I just tell him that I didn’t want to date him? I was so confused, but I didn’t want to hurt his feelings so I told him not now because we won’t see each other at all this summer since we live 800 miles apart, not in the fall semester because I will be in season for volleyball and will be traveling all the time so….”Ummm…maybe spring of my sophomore year?” I was thinking this would make him get the point. All he said was, “Ok. I can wait until then.” WHAT?! Does this guy not get it? How does he not get this? “No no…you don’t have to wait for me…like if you meet someone else that’s ok and same with me. We can just see what happens.” Then Trey said, “Well, I’ve been waiting for 19 years, so what’s a few more months?” You see, Trey had never dated anyone before. He never wanted to date anyone without the intention of marriage so he was waiting until he found the right girl. When he told me this, I was in shock. He said to me, “I’ve been praying that God would send me the right girl and to give me the wisdom to know when I’d found her…and I think I did. So I can wait.” Now this really freaked me out…but it was also very sweet. He did have to wait, but not for as long as I told him. Only about another month until I was ready (and by “ready” I mean I couldn’t deny my feelings anymore because I had fallen in love with him…so naturally, dating follow, right? lol) We started dating during finals week of our spring semester, aka the week before we left for summer break, but despite the distance at the beginning of our relationship, look where we are now: We’re getting MARRIED!!! And we couldn’t be happier :)

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Cayuga Lake

Proposal Ideas Cayuga Lake

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Trey and I’s anniversary is always during finals week, so he had planned to take me on a romantic adventure as a belated celebration for our two year anniversary. We went to Taughannock State Park in Ithica and proposed at Cayuga Lake. The plan was to go down to one of the waterfalls for a bit, then to the lake for the picnic we’d packed, and afterwards maybe go swimming at one of the falls. However, the day didn’t go as originally planned because of a couple reasons. First, we got there later than we wanted to because I was still working on my final paper of the semester that morning and didn’t finish until way later than I expected. Second, when we finally arrived at the park, a huge rain cloud was heading our way. We got to see the waterfall at an overlook, but headed straight to the lake to try and squeeze our picnic in before the rain. We didn’t make it haha. We ate our romantic picnic in the car while it rained and laughed about how it was still such a great time because we were with each other. It cleared up for a little bit and we threw a frisbee for about 10 minutes in the parking lot before having to run into the car again. But then, after being stuck in the car for a long time due to the giant rainstorm, a gorgeous rainbow came out over the lake (Thanks God!). Trey set up a picnic blanket with rose petals all around and started playing our favorite love songs over a speaker. Then, he gave me my anniversary present. When I took the wrapping paper off, I saw that the box was from a Christian bookstore but I thought he’d reused the box from the Bible he had gotten his roommate, Kevin, as a graduation present. When I finally got the gift opened, it was a brand new Bible with my soon-to-be new name on it, Sarah K. McIntyre! A sticky note on the cover instructed me to turn to the bookmarked page and the verse read, “I have found him whom my soul loves.” (Song of Solomon 3:4) Then, I looked up from reading and Trey got down on his knee and said, “Sarah Katherine, you’re the girl of my dreams, you’re my best friend, you’re my princess, and I want to make you my queen. Will you marry me?” Of course I said YES!!!

It wasn’t over yet though! After we drove back to his house from the lake, I walked into a surprise engagement party with all of our closest friends to celebrate with us. (Shoutout to Rebecca for planning the party!) The decorations, party games, food and especially the company, were all the best way to end the most perfect day.

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