Trey and Carlie

How We Met

Three years ago, I came home from college for the summer and worked at Trey’s family’s restaurant. We had met a few times before, but within the first week of working there, he told one of his friends he was going to marry me. I still wasn’t so sure about him; I was close with his sister and I thought he was bad news. Slowly as the summer progressed, I started hanging around after my shifts and finding excuses to be around him. We started to go on real dates and I became smitten. He proved me wrong and showed me what an amazing person he was! When the summer ended and I was forced to back to school, we realized that we were willing to make the relationship work over a distance. After a year, we were very sure we wanted to be together forever, but wanted to finish school before getting engaged. Three years of distance was worth every second, we are so excited to get married and finally be together every day!

how they asked

Trey’s hometown on the McKenzie River in Oregon is an outdoor paradise and each summer he makes a secret to-do list of all spots we need visit. It wasn’t at all suspicious or abnormal when we were “trying to decide what to do that day” and he came up with a trail for us to hike. We hopped on a four-wheeler and rode to a small trail opening on a piece of land his parents own. The trail was in the forest, lined with little logs and hand-holds for me to grab onto. Little did I know, last summer he had been hiking through the creek on the property when he arrived at a spot where the trees opened up and the stream became wide and flat. He instantly knew that’s where he wanted to propose. With the help of family and friends, he spent the months leading up to the proposal creating the 1/2 mile trail that would bring us to that very spot in the creek bed. As he and I were hiking in, I saw a little table in the distance. As we got closer, fallen trees were lined with rose petals leading to the middle of the creek where a small table covered in rose pedals and a vase of roses was placed. As we approached the most spectacular scene I had ever seen, he pulled out a hand-written letter which he read to me. The letter ended with him asking me to be his wife! Shortly after, both of our families hiked into the spot and joined us in celebration. I couldn’t believe he had spend so much time planning and creating the most beautiful scene that truly represented us. It was truly the best moment of my life and I can’t wait to marry him!!

Trey's Proposal in McKenzie River, OR

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