Trey and Ashley

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For someone who is a terrible liar and can’t keep a secret, I was able to pull off a pretty amazing proposal! It was March 4, and the only reason it was March 4 is because it was the only weekend we had available in the past two months. We were in Breckenridge, Colorado where we have spent many snowy days at my parent’s chalet. As I said before, I am a terrible liar so everyone and their mother knew it was happening except Ash. I had the day pretty well thought out and I was just hoping everything would go as planned. Let’s back up about two weeks when I bought this fairly expensive drone. I could tell that ash was not too happy with my purchase but little did she know it was all part of my master plan! I had been expressing my excitement about getting some awesome drone footage in the mountains for days. We started the day out at our favorite breakfast spot in downtown Breck, we never can remember the name of it, either blue moose or smiling moose we have the same conversation every time. After breakfast, the plan was to do a little snowshoeing, something we have done many times before. We got to our snowshoeing spot and everything has been great so far, I had been getting some awesome footage leading up until the big moment and the time was approaching for me to pop the question. We did a little snowshoeing and I did a little droneing showing the ring to the camera every time ash wasn’t looking. I think she realized that I was getting some pretty cool shots and she came up with the idea of writing something in the snow and taking a picture. In the back of my head, I was thinking this is working out perfectly! So we started next to each other and created this heart looking shape in this massive snow covered field. This drone is pretty awesome and I was able to program it to hover around us in a circle to get a really awesome shot. So I programmed the drone and l looked at ash and basically blacked out. To this day I am still a little blurry on what I said but I found myself on one knee asking my beautiful girlfriend of 7 years to spend the rest of her life with me! SHE SAID YES! The day could not of worked out any better and the footage that I captured will be with us forever.

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