Trevor and Savannah

How We Met

Trevor and I met at our mutual friends’ wedding in December 2014. I was a bridesmaid and he was a groomsman. We started talking during all of the photos and immediately hit it off. We both found ways to end up near each other throughout the reception, and continued getting to know each other by going out to grab some food after the wedding. (Clearly we couldn’t get enough of each other!) It turned out we both had gone to the same school for a couple years, but never even knew each other. We went on one coffee date, not even a week later, and have been inseparable ever since.

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We didn’t walk with each other, so none of our pictures were together. It’s ironic, though. In this picture, Trevor is directly to the right of the groom and I’m directly on Trevor’s right.

how they asked

On February 21, 2016, Trevor had planned a brunch with his grandmother who lives about two hours away. I was really excited to see his family, but he told me we should make more of a road trip out of the drive. The wedding ranch venue we initially met at is just past where his grandmother lives, so he recommended checking it out on our way home. I said, “Are you sure? I’m up for it, but I know it’s the opposite way we want to go home.” He basically told me we might as well enjoy the trip and we wouldn’t know the next time we would be able to go visit.

As soon as we got there, it was so amazing to be back. The views are beautiful and the ranch grounds were so fun to walk through. As we were outside the main barn, Trevor started getting sentimental and a bit nostalgic (and probably nervous). I was enjoying it so much and walking all around. Before leaving, he said we should walk back into the barn where the reception was held. As soon as we got inside, it felt surreal. I could see right where we talked and how impactful those “little” moments really were. He looked at me and said, “I’m gonna grab my phone from the car to take a picture of us here.” I hardly heard him because it was so crazy being back where we met. Little did I know, he was running to grab the ring.

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He got back in and positioned his phone for a self-timed picture against a loose rock. We took one set and he said it didn’t turn out well, so he set it up for another one. Little did I know, he put his phone on video to capture one of the most important moment of our lives. As I question what was going on with the phone, he got down on one knee and I lost all breath. Throughout the whole proposal, I was so shocked and my breathing made that very obvious.

He put so much effort and planning into the engagement, which made it so special. I couldn’t dream of a more perfect proposal and have been on cloud nine ever since. I know the only feeling that will surpass this is walking down the aisle to be his wife!

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