Trevor and Malin

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How We Met

We were introduced to each other on Facebook through a mutual friend who lived in southern Sweden (where Malin is from) but had traveled to Vancouver, Canada (where Trevor is from) in fall 2009. We started writing to each other and soon used MSN to chat. We spent hours writing and emailing each other and began to feel that there was more than friendship between us. After months of writing daily, it was decided that Trevor was to travel to Sweden over Christmas to visit. He came in the end of December and we fell in love with each other.

Malin was still in school so we had a long distance relationship for almost a year where Malin got to visit Canada for the first time in spring 2010 and Trevor came back to Sweden that same summer. We struggled a lot with immigration and saying goodbye at airports was pure torture. In August, Malin moved to Canada. We lived there for about five years together; studying, road tripping, and working. Malin was homesick in the last few years so we moved to Sweden in 2016 where we still live.

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how they asked

After having a rocky first year in Sweden, adjusting to the lifestyle, we decided to do something fun and go to Stockholm for a little romantic getaway right before Christmas. We drove to Stockholm as we miss doing our regular road trips through western Canada. After driving through a wintry landscape for hours, we arrived at the hotel and dressed up to go out to dinner. After dinner we walked through the lit-up city to the Royal Opera to see a ballet performance. When we arrived at the beautiful building, shining in blue and red hues, Trevor pointed to roses that were shaped into a heart next to a couple of lanterns. He pulled Malin into the heart, got down on one knee, and pulled out a navy blue box with gold details on it. He opened the box as he said: “Malin Samuelsson, will you marry me?” Malin said yes and reached for him and we embraced and kissed each other as people around were watching the spectacle. After that we watched the ballet in the beautiful rococo style opera, with a red curtain, golden balconies, velvet seats and chystal chandeliers. It was impossible to concentrate on the performance, but the evening could not have been more perfect.

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