Tresa and Johnny

how they asked: My Birthday was January 30th and some friends of mine came in town. They surprised me with a party on my Birthday and said we were just going to hang out and have fun for the rest of the weekend. Well that Saturday came and he had things to do and the girls were keeping me occupied with spa day. So they told me that I needed clothes because we were going out that night. So they dressed me up, made up my face really nice and away we went.

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I was asking where Jay was the whole day they were telling me taking care of his business. So we all were dressed and ready to hit the town. So we pulled up to Jay and my favorite wing spot where we first met so I was excited about getting wings before hitting the town. But I noticed that the parking lot was overly full. I had mentioned that to my girlfriend and she said it was because of the new spot next door. So I said okay. So we walked up to the door of JR Crickets and the music was jamming. So I walked in dancing and then started noticing people but its a happening spot so that wasn’t out of the ordinary. So as I started moving further along I noticed that all of a sudden I noticed more people then all of a sudden I saw Jay and the music stopped and everyone wished me a Happy Birthday. So as the night went on we were dancing and having fun but I just could not believe all of these people came out to celebrate my Birthday with me..I was overjoyed. All of a sudden he called me down to the stage (me thinking he was thanking everyone) to sit in a chair. He had a microphone and started talking and then singing and then fell on one kneed and asked me to be his wife. I was a nervous wreck but Happy at the same time. So I nodded my head yes then said yes….I will marry you…It was truly the best surprise and best birthday ever!!!!

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Photographer: Harvey Dorsey // Assisted groom: Deana Thomas, Candice Williams, Charleen Roberson, Angie Roberson // Jeweler: Chuwanda Walters- Sanford