Trendolyn and Neter

How We Met

Trendolyn and Neter met in 2011 while attending college at the University of South Alabama. Trendolyn was studying to be an M.D. and Neter was studying International Business. Trendolyn would always go to the University computer lab to study and was always greeted with a smile by Neter who was the computer lab attendant. In the beginning Trendolyn would never smile back at Neter or acknowledge his existence. It took about three months for her to warm-up to Neter and finally smile back at him. Neter would always look forward to seeing Trendolyn and her friends hang out in the computer lab. Neter eventually figured out her class schedule and decided to follow her upstairs to start a conversation. That was the beginning of a friendship that lasted 5 yrs.

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how they asked

Neter finally got the courage to ask Trendolyn to marry him at the Downtown Miami Whole foods Market. He actually proposed to Trendolyn in a Banana costume on a loud speaker. She was totally surprised by Neter’s proposal. Whole Foods Market baked her a cake and brought her flowers…….and she said YES!

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