TreAna and Montrell

Proposal Ideas middle of the Atlantic Ocean on a cruise

How We Met

Montrell & I met when I was just 14 years old…I was a cheerleader while he was a varsity basketball player. Pretty cliche, I know. Ha! At the time I wasn’t quite interested in anyone but he was pretty persistent & left me with no choice. After one of the school games, he chased me out of our high school & asked for my phone number. I was reluctant but thought what do I have to lose? The first time he called I made up some lame excuse about being busy, asked him to call me back not hoping that he actually would. The next night he called so I answered…7+ hours later of talking I knew I’d marry him :-)

How They Asked

We were on a cruise to celebrate my sister’s recent graduation but little did I know we’d soon have two reasons to celebrate. Montrell knows how huge family is to me & made sure all of the most important people were present. At dinner, while the waiter did a phenomenal job at distracting me, Montrell sneaks behind & is on one knee. Everyone else is around the table & could see him down with the ring. I noticed that everyone started smiling & began to pull out their phones but I was still completely oblivious to the entire thing! Someone caught a photo of the moment I turned around & it looked as if my eyeballs were going to pop out & fall onto the floor! Needless to say, I was beyond shocked and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room!