Travis and Kristina's GoPro Proposal

Image 1 of Kristina and Travis

how we met

Travis and I went to high school together, but didn’t actually really romantically notice each other until years later. We were even on student government together, hung out with the same group of people, and were in each other’s lives as friends for seven years. Seven years filled with quick “hello’s” in the hallway, the awkward side hugs at parties, and the occasional deep conversations while underage drinking. Seven years and I never knew that I was casually chatting with the love of my life.

Now, our story isn’t your typical love story, but to me, it’s one for the books. Fast forward to when we were finally 21 and were eager to go to our very first bar. Travis and I were a lot older than our peers, so we had a limited number of people we can wreak havoc with. Travis, me and 2 other friends decided to go out to the most grimy dive bar possible on the streets of San Francisco.

While on the dance floor, a not-so-friendly guy pulled my arm. Startled, I quickly looked to Travis for help. Being the 6’3 man he is, it was as if he swooped me off my feet to safety in a matter of seconds. Whether it was the mixture of cheap alcohol or God working his magic, I finally saw this friend in another light. You see, my prince didn’t come riding in on a white horse, he came in with a few tequila shots. The rest is history!

Image 2 of Kristina and Travis

how they asked

Five years ago, Kristina and I started dating. A few months into our relationship we went on a date in San Francisco and ended up at the MLK fountain in the Yerba Buena Gardens. We had a few pennies so we decided to throw them into the fountain to make a wish. She told me her wish right away, but I kept mine a secret. For the next five years I’d find random ways to remind her about my secret wish. Sometimes she’d be annoyed that I still hadn’t revealed it and other times she would brush it off or change the subject.

When I finally decided I was ready to reveal my wish I started planning. To start, I surprised Kristina with vacation to Portland, Oregon to celebrate our five year anniversary. On our second day in Portland I planned a hike at Multnomah Falls, a beautiful waterfall and popular tourists destination. We both love the outdoors and I felt like it was the perfect place to propose.

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Image 5 of Kristina and Travis

On April 21st, in front of a stunning waterfall, I finally revealed what I had wished for – I asked the girl of my dreams to spend the rest of her life with me. I know, I know, this sounds super corny and you probably think I made it up. But, it’s the truth. After just a few months I knew that she was the one.

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Image 7 of Kristina and Travis

And by the way, you’ll notice in the beginning of the video we throw something into the water. I brought a few pennies so we could make new wishes. Hopefully I don’t have to wait another five years before I reveal this one.

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