Stephanie and Travis

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How We Met

Travis and I first met when we were in 6th grade. I went on a church “mystery trip” to South Dakota with my friend, and he was attending with one of his friends. We had crushes on each other but went to different middle schools, so it didn’t turn into much afterwards. We then attended different high schools. However, in high school, we “re-met” because of mutual friends- we remembered each other from the trip in middle school! We hung out a lot my senior year of high school and became very good friends, even though I was dating someone else. Then came college. Travis went to college in Colorado, I stayed in Nebraska. Every summer, we would usually hang out quite a bit in similar groups of friends. The first summer after college, Travis and I definitely had feelings for each other, but didn’t want to hurt his friend (my ex)’s feelings, so nothing ever happened.

Finally, the second summer after college, things were fine with his friend, so the night before Travis went back to Colorado, he ran after me in the pouring rain while I was walking to my car (cheesy, I know). He grabbed me and turned me around, and started kissing me in the rain. It was like a movie! However, we continued our separate ways in college because we were still discovering ourselves. We dated other people the last couple years of college, but somehow maintained a friendship and talked to each other once in a blue moon. Summer after junior year, I studied abroad in Florence, Italy for a month. Like fate, guess who HAPPENED to be studying abroad in Florence, Italy at the same time I was?! My fiance. I found out from Facebook while I was there.

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We were both in relationships, so nothing happened while we were in Italy, but we did meet up for one night with our groups that we were studying abroad with. We drank, talked about life, the universe, relationships, all that good stuff. Once again, our paths continued to be symmetrical, as we continued our separate lives once we got back from Italy.

Eventually, we both broke up with our exes, but Travis was still living in Colorado. One November night in 2014, we ran into each other on a night out in Omaha with our friends (he was back home for the holidays). The timing was perfect, finally, and the rest is history. :)

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how they asked

Travis is quite the planner. Little did I know, he started planning his proposal in July when we returned from backpacking Thailand (I guess you learn a lot about someone when you backpack for 5 weeks, so he must’ve known then he could handle me for the rest of our lives hehe). In November, we were celebrating Thanksgiving with his family in Breckenridge, Colorado, since his family has a cabin up in the mountains.

He told me we were going to a really fancy dinner, so I had a nice dress, and we got all dolled up. On the way to dinner, he said we should stop on the way to take some pictures with the sunset. He drove to a “lookout” spot, and we started walking down a trail to get to the best spot for pictures. Halfway there, he stopped and said, “I have one more surprise for you, but you have to wear this,” as he pulled out a blindfold.

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At this point, I started wondering if it was going to happen, but I kept telling myself it wasn’t (so that I wouldn’t get my hopes up). Finally, after walking a minute or so and making jokes that it probably looked like he was kidnapping me or something (there were other people walking around) and that I was about to eat shit in my heels, we came to a stop.

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He turned me around, took off the blindfold, and in front of me were all the people I love; all our family and friends. I could not believe what I was seeing! Then, he proposed, and I could NOT take my eyes off of him.

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I didn’t even realize at this point what surrounded us- all of the decorations he had my friends set up, the beautiful scenery, which family/friends were there. I was in shock. After he proposed, I finally soaked it all in and realized what was happening and everything he did to make this happen. I can’t even describe it as a certain feeling. It was the best feeling I’ve ever experienced.

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I still to this day cannot believe I get to marry the most amazing person I’ve ever met. I love him so much and can’t wait!!! Oh, and as if things weren’t perfect enough, he is friends with a photographer and a videographer in Colorado, and they took pictures/made our video for FREE. How amazing is that?!

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