Lauren and Travis

How We Met

We met in elementary school, he was two years older but we were in the same choir together and were about he same height so we always ended up standing near eachother. But knowing of someone and really knowing someone are different. In high school our best friends were dating, mine came up to me one day and told me that one of her boyfriends friends thought I was cute and apparently wanted my number. I blew her off thinking there was no way an upperclassman would be wasting his time on a freshman, but she wouldn’t give it a rest. I finally told her she could give him my number but that if he didn’t text me by the end of the school day she had to give it a rest and never talk about it again. Sure enough, ten minutes before school was out I got a text!

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how they asked

We have been dating for 7 years now, and although the marriage talk had come up a lot the past two years, I never got the impression that he was ready for it. He has to analyze every detail of a decision before he acts on it and I thought with something as big as marriage, there was no way he would ever really come to a final conclusion. As a gift from my mom on my birthday, we got the chance to spend our seven year anniversary in Mexico! So at the beginning of January we headed out of the country for a nice week in the sun! When we got to the resort there was an alter set up on the beach. My mom likes to make jokes about how we were probably already married, after seven years why wouldn’t we be? So I made a comment to Travis about how funny I thought it would be if we took a picture under the alter at some point and sent it to her (I conveniently brought a white sun dress). He thought it would be pretty funny to mess with her so we made a mental note to come back to it at some point during the trip. A few days later on our anniversary we went down to the beach to walk and watch the sunset. After walking for a bit and talking Trav suggested we go up and get that picture we had been talking about because it was sunset and it would be perfect for making a “believable” shot! So we set up under the alter and took a few test shots, then on the last one he looked at me and asked if I loved him, to which i laughed and replied of course I do, he seemed nervous but I didn’t think anything of it. Then he asked if I would love him that much forever, grabbed the ring out of his pocket and got down on one knee! I was completely taken by surprise and without even realizing t my first response was “are you serious?! You better not be messing with me!” He is the love of my life and I am so so excited to love him for the rest of my life!

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