Travis and Katie

Image 1 of Katie and Katie
My boyfriend Travis and I had planned or very first vacation alone together; a cruise to the Bahamas. This was our first time going on vacation alone. All of our other vacations were with family or friends so this cruise was special and we looked forward to it for 6 long months.

On September 15th we finally boarded the ship. We enjoyed the amenities and planned our night. We both love karaoke in fact, our second ‘real’ date was doing karaoke and we both chose one song to sing to eachother. So, with drinks in tow we decided our first nights festivities would be karaoke!

We get a few songs in and Travis and I are basically hogging the stage. Travis gets on the stage and before he starts singing he says “this is for the love of my life, Katie” and points to me. He starts singing and it’s one of our songs “Me and You” by Kenny Chesney. He sings to me, looking no where else and I start tearing up (like I always do). Half way through the song he stops singing, tells the DJ to cut the music and tells everyone that he has a story to tell.

He tells everyone about how we met and how we fell in love and how he wants to make me his wife. He then drops to one knee, with the ring in his hand and says “you are my best friend, me everything, so I just have one more question for you — will you be my forever?”.

i go up on the stage with him, hugged him and said yes.

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