Travis and Justyce

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How We Met

There is a little Family Video on the edge of town. I’d go by there every other day just to catch a look at the cute girl that worked behind the counter. I never spoke to her that much, just a few funny words and a smile. I would take home the DVD but most times, it never made it out of the truck. I would take it back a day or two later just so I would have an excuse to see her again. Flash forward a little bit. Life happens and my schedule gets busy so I don’t have much time to visit the video store anymore. I decided to start taking some college classes again to finish my degree. I walk through the door on the first day of public speaking class and there she is. I haven’t seen her much over the past year, maybe once or twice here and there. It is a pretty small town we live in. Just as pretty as ever, she is sitting there going through her backpack. I was nervous to start a conversation so I had to come up with something to break the ice. The class was about to start so I turned around real quick and asked her for a pencil. Now I had come to class fully prepared with pencils, pens, and paper but I wasn’t going to let her know that. I spent that whole semester using her pencils, not mine. After school had ended, we didn’t get to see each other much. Finally, around the end of summer, I was playing a little acoustic show at a local bar. She makes it before the show is over and sits down at a table in the back. I come off stage and shake hands and high five all my friends. During all the talking, I slip off and go sit down with her at the table and the rest is history. Two years later, I wrote her a song and asked her to be my wife!

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How They Asked

As you can tell, I am an aspiring musician! Justyce, my now fiancé, wanted to really surprise me for my birthday so she started digging around and asking friends what kind of guitar I would love to have. She was pretty sly, but I started digging too and found out she was getting me a Martin HD-28 which is one of my dream guitars! Now I had been wanting to ask her to marry me for a while, but I just couldn’t think of how I wanted to do it. I knew that I wanted to write her a song because she loves my music and is one of my biggest supporters. Once I found out about the guitar, everything just seemed to line up. The song “Someday Somehow” was one of the easiest songs I have ever wrote. The words seemed to just fall out of my mouth as I was writing it. So now, I knew about the guitar and I had the perfect song wrote. All that I needed now was the ring. She had sent me some ideas a long time ago in our messages, so I started going back through and getting ideas. After countless hours of searching, I finally found the perfect one at KAYs. I ordered it and it was supposed to be here about 3 weeks early but with everything going on right now, the shipping kept getting delayed, so I was getting nervous! Fortunately, it showed up just a few days before the big day!

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Justyce planned a little birthday party with our family and close friends. Andy and Aaron are our two good friends that are even better cameramen. Andy reached out to Justyce and “influenced” her to get them to film me getting my guitar for my birthday because it was such a big surprise. Little did she know, they were filming to capture our special moment! I tried my best to act surprised when she walked up to me with the guitar, but I was so nervous I could barely talk! I was so happy I was shaking and almost couldn’t catch my breath! She has told me now that she had absolutely no idea and it was the biggest surprise she has ever had. She said that she always thought she would be able to tell when I was getting ready to ask her to marry me, but I guess she was wrong! We posted the video on Facebook and people seem to love it! The video has 4k views and it has only been up for one day, but people are still commenting and sharing like crazy! I know I wanted to make this day special for her, but I had no idea it would start blowing up like this!

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Our Video

Special Thanks

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 | Videographer
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 | Videographer