Travis and Jessica

Travis and Jessica's Engagement in Burning Man

How We Met

We tell people we met at Burning Man, but in actuality, we met online via Hinge. Rather than say “we met online”, we like to say we met at Burning Man because Jess swiped right on me after seeing my pictures from the burn that year. After she double messaged me, I was lucky enough to connect with Jess and plan our first date together. Then, I ended up surprising her with an evening of drinks at a speakeasy in New York City, followed by a potential night of dancing. I say potential because Jess made sure I knew that we would only go dancing after drinks if we were “enjoying each other”. Lucky for me we ended up enjoying each other at drinks and the rest is history.

How They Asked

Jessica is obsessed with disco balls, disco music, and disco everything. This year she made us disco outfits for Burning Man and we ended up doing a photoshoot (that I planned ahead as a secret proposal) with a friend of ours. She had no idea what was coming and we managed to get her to do a back to back photo, so when she turned around I was on my knee with a homemade disco ball ring box in hand to ask her to marry me.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Burning Man

She said YES and we celebrated with friends and family that night by dancing the night away.

Special Thanks

Ariana Emmer
 | Photographer