Travis and Chesni

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how we met

Travis and I met in December of 2014 through his sister. His sister and I worked together and she had mentioned how she thought we would be perfect for each other and we should meet. After a couple weeks went by since she had made mention of Travis, I decided to meet him but had no expectations that anything would come of it. The evening that we met, was at Buckshot Saloon in Galveston Texas where he worked at the time. Travis was working that night and I remember being super heated by how handsome he was! Honestly, once I met him I thought he was too good for me. Because he was working we only spoke once and I just didn’t feel like we were given the chance to vibe. That didn’t stop Travis’ sister though!

The next weekend she invited Travis and I over to her and her husband’s house for a BBQ. They sat us right next to each other at the table, neither one of us could hardly eat because of the nerves. Slowly one by one everyone but Travis and I had made their way outside around the bonfire. About 20 minutes later Travis and I were so engaged in our conversations that we didn’t even realize we were the only two inside. That was our first true meeting and the fireworks were there. After joining everyone else outside, I realized I was going to have to be intentional with this man because he was a treasure. The next day, Travis asked me on our first date, and it was magically wonderful!

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how they asked

Travis being the wonderful man that he is, orchestrated a styled photography shoot with our friend and photographer Dawn of Degrees North Images for our engagement. One day I received a call from Dawn about a styled summer shoot that she was planning to do and she expressed that she needed models for the shoot and wanted to see if Travis and I would be interested in being models. She then went on to tell me that the theme was pineapple, bohemian, picnic… If you know me at all, you know that bohemian fashion and pineapples are my jam! Also, I failed to mention that she chose my favorite location in the world as her location to photograph us at. It is a tree that sits alone out on a marsh on your way into Galveston. So, without even asking Travis, I told her “YES! We are totally interested in being models for your styled shoot!”

A few days later I brought it up to Travis and asked him if it would be okay for us to do… He of course said yes! I thought to myself “phew!” Because I had already said yes to Dawn. Later that day, I called Dawn back to ask more questions about wardrobe and what date and time. Dawn gave us two dates. June 29th or June 30th. June 29th was Travis and I’s year and six months of dating, so I chose the 30th instead just in case Travis had a date planned for me. The day came for the photo shoot, and Travis and I came fully prepared with extra clothes; he was freshly shaved and got a haircut, I had my best makeup on… We were looking fresh!

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So, we arrived and Dawn was finishing up the last few details of her decor. It was a blistering hot day outside so she wanted us to wait in the car with the AC on, so we did that until she came and got us. After 20 minutes into our photo shoot the sun started setting over the marsh. Sunsets are my favorite and Travis knows that…so he moved us into the light a little more to take some romantic photos under the sunset sky. We were in the middle of doing a pose where my back was facing Travis and he was holding my left hand (which was the hand furthest away from the camera).

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So I wanted to switch hands, I asked him if he could hold my right hand instead, but to my surprise he said “no.” Me being the sassy girl that I am, I turned around slightly to face him and as I turned he began to take a knee.


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I honestly only remember bits and pieces of this moment’s feelings, but I do know that at first I thought it was a joke! I looked at Dawn then at Travis, then back at Dawn and after seeing both of their faces and Travis holding out a ring box. I then knew this was real life. I then focused in on Travis and he opened up the shell ring box….and said “Chesni Cooper, will you marry me?” – I immediately started weeping tears of joy and relief and excitement!

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Then after catching my breath I said “YES! & it’s about time!!!!” He then put the ring on my finger and we then we just hugged and kissed each other for like 5 minutes! I couldn’t stop looking at my ring! I couldn’t stop thanking Jesus for sending me Travis!

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The whole time, Dawn was photographing the entire proposal. She captured my every emotion and even some of the not so pretty, crying shots. It was the most incredible surprise I’ve ever received. I later found out that Travis and Dawn worked together and set up the entire shoot! They got me good, it was the best day ever!

Special thanks

Photographer: Degrees North Images
Signage: By Brittany Branson
Floral Designer: Floral Vibes
Bakery: Wink by Erica

Special Thanks

Degrees North Images
 | Photographer