Brittany and Travis

how we met

We were working at a restaurant together – the Yard House in Boca. All the server’s have their service books that they keep note pads in, drink specials, whatever. Well I look over at Brittany as she is ringing something into the computer, and I notice that her service book has this postcard size collage in it. I thought they were so interesting, and I knew I had to get to know this woman better. Now is when the stories kind of differ, I say that I struck up a conversation about the collage, asking if she made them (of course), are you an artist (yes normally I paint), where can i get your work (well why don’t you just take two of these). Low and behold, and few years later, her mother tell’s the story from her perspective, and says one day Britt told her she met a guy a work, but that he was a real block head and took her artwork from her service book…

how they asked

So I proposed to Britt at our apartment. Now the weekend before, I asked her parents for permission, they said yes, and her mom offered to take her out for a manicure, on the sly. Now we had also been planning a weekend getaway to New Orleans, she just didn’t know that it was to celebrate the occasion, and I had special plans for us while there. So the day is here, and I made reservations for us, and both of our parents at a local restaurant. Now sometimes Britt will work late, and so before she leaves the house to go to work I tell her to make sure she leaves on time today because we have dinner plans with my parents. She says ok. Now she shares some of these details, the trip, the manicure, the dinner plans, with some of here co-workers, and the co-workers start asking, “do you think he is going to propose?” Brittany comes home and sees that I have a hair cut and I am all dressed up. She starts to ask what is going on, and I brush it off like nothing so she doesn’t catch on further. So after a long day of work, like normal, she jumps into the bed with the dog. This puts a crimp in my plan, since I was going to use our dog son as bait.

Time to improvise. I tell her that I need her to look at something I saw on the dog, in the light, in the other room. When she enters the room, I drop to one knee and see the biggest smile anybody has ever seen creep across her face as I tell her she is my world and ask her to spend her life with me. We then go off to dinner and later New Orleans, for a truly magical weekend.

Special Thanks

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