Travis and Brittani's Hawaiian Proposal

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How We Met

Our story is isn’t cute and romantic and definitely wouldn’t make you green with envy. The only reason it would be out of the movies was if it was one of those comedies where the main characters hate each other and then by chance fall in love at the end. We met in college and had a rough go at it. Even though it was lust at first sight for both of us it took us awhile of hating each other, dating other people, then loving each other to finally get it right. He was actually across the country for an entire summer before we became official and then decided we were going to get married. I was only able to go out to visit him once over that period, and then next time he came to visit home we had rings and he asked for my dads hand. I was sure he was going to pop the question then because if he didn’t it would be a long time before we saw each other again. So to my dismay he came and left and hadn’t managed to ask me to be his for eternity! If only I had known what he was planning….

how they asked

I have a very dear friend who I also happened to nanny for ask me to to come watch her kids for a weekend. I agreed and made the 4 hour trip to my hometown so I could tend the children while they went on a little getaway. She asked me to be at her home at 5am so they could catch a plane that morning. So I showed up and starting chatting casually about her plans. She then asked me to watch a video her daughter requested, she hands me the iPad and to my shock it’s a video of him him telling me that I won’t be babysitting this weekend but that I actually would be getting on a plane in an hour to come visit him in Hawaii!!!!! In the meantime my sister and mom have come over and my friend had kindly packed her bags with things I would need for my visit and just like that my family whisked me away to the airport. Obviously I knew at this point that he would be proposing but I had no idea when or how once I got to the big island. Upon arrival he had arranged for his friends to pick me up and take me to the hotel where he had “meetings” (he was supposed to be on a business trip there). They dropped me off and told me to the follow the path and that would lead me to the conference room. I started walking still in shock and joy and noticed a picture out of the corner of my eye. I turned and realized that the picture was of Him and I attached to a long clothesline full of all of our pictures. I followed the petal filled path gazing at each and every picture he carefully picked and pinned up until I rounded a corner and saw him standing there with the most beautiful setting possible. I had to pinch myself because it didn’t seem real. I felt as if I was on the bachelor! There he was with the waves crashing onto the gorgeous rocks behind him while the palm trees were swaying next to the flower lined backdrop where he was. How grateful I am it was all caught on video or who would believe this??? I honestly couldn’t tell you what he said or how he said it, but I will forever remember how it felt. The overwhelming amount of love, gratitude, humility, joy, and fulfillment enveloped me and I don’t think there could have been a more perfect moment for us to start our forever on.

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