Travis and Anna

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How We Met

Hello! My name is Anna, I’m 28. My husbands name is Travis and he’s 24. We just got married on May 6th, 2017. We met online… My online name has always been “Miss Amp”. You could say I’ve spent a lot of time online in the past… I met a lot of people and dated a few. Mostly jerks but I was immature and a hopeless romantic. I wanted to find people offline but I was home-schooled, home taking care of my grandmother and brother’s kids plus I had no license and even if I did, when I was old enough, I wasn’t going to look in bars for someone. Most the men I met was on the app “Kik”. Eventually a friend told me to try “Okcupid” and I wasn’t sure because that was an actual real dating site. Plus after countless heartbreaks, I didn’t want another one. One Friday night though in 2015 I had enough of crying and downloaded OkCupid as an impulse.

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Sadly I had bad luck on their until, a month later (yes a month felt like a year to me) i got a message from my future prince, Travis!!! We traded numbers and started texting day and night talking about food we love, music and basically anything and everything. It was the most normal thing I had ever done and finally I could breath and just be “Anna” not “Miss Amp” we eventually went from texting to FaceTime and FaceTimed daily for 6 months! He got tired of waiting to meet but I was scared he wouldn’t be everything in person he was on FaceTime and because I couldn’t drive still, made his family think I wasn’t real.

After a lot of thought and being super lonely, I convinced myself and my family to meet him. We got Travis to come and meet my whole family at a restaurant called O’Charleys and bravely he and was a gentleman too! Meeting that day felt just like seeing a good friend I knew for years and even though it should’ve been weird, it was so comfortable and we found out my brother uses parts at his job from the company that Travis welds for!! So they had so much to talk about and knew what each other did. How cool is that? What I was afraid was going to be a let down, was actually the opposite. Instead, I met the person I was going to spend my life with! He was everything he already had been for 6 months and more!

how they asked

So Travis and I met in person, April 2016 and we had dated almost three months when he proposed. I knew he was going to because we actually talked about it daily and I just knew he was the one. So on July 3rd, the weekend before Independence Day, we were at a pool party with family and I knew he was going to propose it was killing me now the time lingered… I felt like it drug out and I was anxious for the night because he insisted we had to watch a special firework show by his home, in Kenton County, Kentucky. Was out front of Kroger and various fast food restaurants. When we got there, instead of getting in with the crowd, he said we needed to stay back away from the crowd.

I could tell he was very nervous too! That was a clear sign to me he was for sure proposing. I tried to hide that I knew but I did. We were standing in the grass between Kroger parking lot and the skyline parking lot by the dumpsters and he said we should stand instead of sit on the grass. Finally the show began and it was about 5 ministers in, he pulled away from me having me stand facing him. My face let out that I knew and he tried to cover up by asking what I was doing and then pulled me back into a hug. I felt bad and hoped he didn’t change his mind but a second later, he did it!! He pulled me away again, got down on his knee in front of me and said I made him so happy and he wanted to spend his life with me…. would I marry him?

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I was so excited he finally did it and realized no one was around to take photos, so I had my phone out and took his picture as I said yes. He asked if I was taking his photo and I said yes so I could save the memory and then after he showed me the ring, he stuck it back in his pocket to stand up and hug me. I said you can’t show the ring and then put it away haha but he was nervous/excited! He got it back out, put it on my figure while I video taped it and then we kissed as the fireworks exploded in the background! Wow so romantic and it was so simple, yet perfect. Everything a girl dreams about and more! Then we finished the show and left home calling our parents to tell them the exciting news!!

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