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How We Met

Tyler and I (Tracy) met summer of 2014 in my hometown of Carlin, Nevada. He is a police officer and Carlin is a small town where everyone knows everyone, so we were bound to meet. I was going to be a junior in college studying elementary education in Dillon, Montana. We would occasionally chat, but nothing ever came of it. I went back to college in August and we lost touch. Tyler texted me on my birthday (October 2nd) and we texted back and forth ALL day and have not stopped since. On October 4th, my brother’s best friend was killed in a car accident so I returned to Nevada and was able to take some time off of school to be with my brother and family. During my time at home, I FINALLY talked Tyler into coming over to my parent’s house and hang out with me. We played card games and were drinking, so he took his gun off his hip and put it away at my house. When he left, he forgot his gun. He came over the next day to get a gun and had a Starbucks Venti White Mocha (my go-to drink) and told me they “accidentally” gave him three drinks.

The sticker on my cup said otherwise and I knew he purposely brought me that coffee. I returned to school shortly after that and we stayed in touch. We talked EVERY SINGLE DAY. Tyler was on nights and I had afternoon class so I would stay up until 2 or 3 in the morning and talk to him. We never ran out of things to talk to and everything felt so natural. I went home for Thanksgiving and finished a class early so I didn’t have to go back until after Christmas. Tyler and I hung out every chance we got. He would come over to my parents house late at night and I would cook him pancakes while he was working. Before we knew it, it was time for me to go back to Montana. Leaving had never been that hard and I knew it was because of Tyler. I had never felt so comfortable with anyone. It was all so natural. I called my adviser and asked what classes we could switch and she figured it out and said I didn’t have to be back until the beginning of February. My mom was upset and I promised her I would finish school and that there was something telling me I needed to stay. I’m so glad I did.

Tyler and I grew closer and closer and I knew I made the right choice. On February 5th, Tyler asked me to be his Valentine and on February 6th, I had to leave to Dillon. When I got back to Dillon, I bought gifts for Tyler and made him banana bread and sent it in the mail. Tyler had also just found out that a department in his hometown (Reno, Nevada) turned him down for a job and he would be staying in Carlin. Fate is real people! I finished the semester and returned home for the summer. We spent every possible chance together and I fell MADLY IN LOVE. He went on family vacation with us and it was very clear that we would spend forever together. We had to do long distance just one more semester and we did it. He even drove 500 miles and surprised me at my pedicure with flowers and stayed with me for a week. He is the sweetest man on this planet. I permanently moved back November of 2015 to student teach in Carlin.

I met his parents and sister on Thanksgiving that year and we bought a house together and moved in December 28th, 2015. I started to ask him when he was going to propose (as was everyone else) and he always just said “When it gets warmer.” So, I focused on student teaching and then next thing I know, it was May and I was graduating college. I had my college senior pictures done by Kate Brown who had done some of my high school senior pictures. Over the summer, Kate did a drawing for a free family session and I won. Tyler, Berkleigh (our golden puppy), and I went to do pictures and I thought for sure he was gong to propose. I had ALWAYS wanted a photographer at my engagement and I made sure Tyler knew. It was also on Kate’s photography bucket list. Well, it didn’t happen. The weather was no longer getting warmer, but was getting colder so I gave up on getting engaged during summer of 2016 and thought maybe 2017 would be the year. Kate was offering mini sessions for Christmas card photos and we figured since we have a little family and a house of our own, we should send out our own Christmas cards. I booked a session and that’s where the proposal story starts. (:

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how they asked

Kate picked November 5th for the photos so Tyler took the day off of work. He insisted on wearing his police uniform so I bought a Thin Blue Line shirt to match him and we got Berkleigh a navy blue doggy hoodie. One of the rules of the mini-sessions were no outfit changes due to them only being 15 minutes, but I asked Kate if Tyler could take a few in his uniform and then change real quick. Since we were the last session, she agreed and was okay with it. I had my makeup done by my usual makeup artist and we started our adventure to Seventh Canyon Ranch in Lamoille, Nevada. It’s a little over an hour from home. We were a little early so we watched Kate finish up the session before us and then started ours. The Ranch was BEAUTIFUL. I had never been before and was amazed with the scenery, landscape, and views. Kate suggested we start in the backyard because there was a cute little pond and some pretty trees. We walked back there and looked around a bit before we found our first spot.

I was getting Berkleigh situated and Kate told us to pose for a quick “test shot.” We stopped, posed, and smiled when Tyler said, “Actually, I have a better pose for us.” He reached in his chest pocket, turned me towards him, and got down on one knee. I instantly started bawling and said, “You are not doing this.” He responded with, “Yea, I am.” He started to cry when he said, “Babe, will you marry me?” I obviously said yes and he slid the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen on my finger. Kate walked over with tears in her eyes and said “Don’t wipe your tears! Pat them! We asked Karlyn (makeup artist) and she said pat.” Tyler told Karlyn what he was doing and asked her to use waterproof makeup and she did. Then, they both suggested that we switch outfits so we walked back to the truck.

Kate went to her car and returns with a shirt and a cup that said “Mrs.” and “Police Wife” that Tyler ordered and sent to her house for the surprise engagement sessions. Our holiday mini session turned into an emotional, raw engagement session.

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It was all so perfect. Tyler also told me that he recorded the entire thing on his body camera. We got in the truck to leave and Tyler made a special playlist for us to listen to. When we got back to Carlin, we went to my parents house where my family was waiting. We had crepes, which was one of the very first meals Tyler had with my family, and all laughed and cried about my engagement. My dream of being proposed to on camera true as well as getting to marry my best friend! I had no idea it was happening and was so surprised. He kept it such a good secret and planned it out perfectly. He and Kate had been talking about the surprise engagement since LAST SEPTEMBER and worked out every single detail so it would be as perfect as it was.

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