Tracy and Preston

Proposal Ideas Schweitzer Mountain, Sandpoint Idaho

How We Met

Last September, I walked into a house full of people hanging out and talking. A handsome guy with electric blue eyes standing in the corner of the kitchen people-watching immediately caught my eye. There were nights of playing Rock Band, longboarding around campus, climbing trees, swing dancing, conversations, and watching movies with mutual friends that brought us closer in friendship and brought feelings of attraction that never faded. I watched him lead men in the community, endlessly serve, and strive to understand Gods character. By the end of October, I told my friend Mikayla over FaceTime “I don’t know what it is, but I feel like I’m going to marry this guy”. In early April, we met at a coffee shop and he explained in detail the feelings he had developed in the last 7 months of being around me. Though the feelings were there, he clearly stated it wasn’t a good time to date because of our summer plans. He was overseas for 9 weeks, and I was off to San Diego for 10 to grow and be on mission.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Schweitzer Mountain, Sandpoint Idaho

Before our summers began, we mutually decided to cut off all communication so we could focus on the present situation and the purposes we were there. It was hard. Everyday I wanted to tell my best friend about the amazing things God was doing in my heart, and wanted to know how he was doing. Week eight came around, and to my surprise Preston showed up in San Diego. We were able to discuss our feelings that remained over the eight weeks of no interaction. Coming back to Moscow after visiting family in Alaska, I was excited because we had talked about the possibility of dating while I was home. It had been a few weeks, and I wasn’t sure if it was going to happen. One day, he asked me to go on a walk. We stopped after only walking a half block, he held both of my hands, and began to say “Well Tracy.

With permission from your father, our peers, and-“ Before he could finish, I jumped into his arms knowing he was asking me on a first date. That night, he took me to a wonderful restaurant (knowing I loved great food) and also to a field to go star gazing (knowing I love being adventurous) That night he gave me key, and told me to keep it in a safe place. I had zero idea what this key was to, and spent nights wondering what it was to. On August 24th, at the end of our third date, he cheesily asked “Would you go steady with me?” Dating Preston, I have found confidence, trust, and grace that I had never experienced before. He has endlessly shown me patience. Because of him, I know better the extent of Gods love for me.

how they asked

It was an average morning of getting ready to head up to Schweitzer mountain to go snowboarding with a small group of friends. When we got there, it was unbelievably beautiful, and I was so excited to use my new board. After lunch, we headed up to the highest peak of Schweitzer mountain to “take a group photo” It was nothing short of absolutely breathtaking. The sun was shining and there was a layer of clouds that only revealed the peaks of tree covered mountains. As I walked over, Preston said “come over here with me” I walked over to him asking “are we just going to take a photo together?” By the time he answered, I had already walked over to the small hill on which he stood. He replied “I have something I’ve wanted to say to you for a long time.

But first, I have a question for you” He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small black box. I was flooded with disbelieve and pure joy as he dropped down to one knee and said “Will you marry me?” I said “YES!” He stood up and hugged me. For the first time, he said “I love you” into my ear. I replied back with “I love you too” and looked over to my friends cheering us on. I took a step back and started laughing. “I hate you! I’m in a purple ski suit crying in front of all of my friends!!”

We continued to take photos, and he explained to me the reason for proposing on a mountain. He decided to propose on a mountain because of our love for adventure and he knew it would be breathtaking.

We headed down the mountain to do a few more runs, and when we were finished we all met at the lodge. As I was sitting there, Preston walked around the corner holding a wooden, treasure looking box with a lock on it. He pretended he didn’t know how to open it, and I immediately said “I do!” and grabbed my wallet to find the key he had given me on our first date. I opened the box to find the inside lined with photos of us from the past 14 months. It was filled with small envelopes that were labeled with different memories, and small gifts that I had showed interest in the past. He explained that the chest was proof that dating wasn’t a game to him, and that marriage was always his vision for us.

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 | Photographer