Tracy and Matthew

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How We Met

Matt and I starting dating almost 5 years ago, but both had some traveling and needed some time to find ourselves more. After being apart for nearly a year we go back together and haven’t been apart since. I’m an avid diver and marine conservationist so when his friend came into town I didn’t think anything of it when he suggested we go frediving the next morning. Conditions were rough, even for me, but he was set on staying out a little longer. When he dove down and wanted to show me something I thought he was crazy when he motioned for me to follow him down. Suddenly something was in his hand and he was mouthing words to me. After a few tries of mouthing “will you marry me?” Under water it finally clicked to me. I nearly drowned myself of excitement while trying to say yes. Of the thousands of dives I’ve done in my life, this one will always be my favorite.

how they asked

Matt had a friend come into town and he said he wanted to go get in the water the morning after he arrived. As an avid free diver I am always up for getting out in the water. We packed up to head out and when we got there conditions were a little rough, but they were both adamant about still going. Weird I thought, but his friend must have really missed the ocean. After about 10 minutes in the water his friend went in, but Matt wanted to stay out. He dove down at one point and I started recording on my GoPro as I had been doing throughout the time already. When he motioned for me to come down I was thinking “why? There is nothing down there for him to show me”, but I dove down. He suddenly had something in his fingers and was mouthing words to me. It took me a second to figure out he was holding a ring, then it clicked he was mouthing “marry me?”! I nearly drowned trying to not gasp underwater, and when we got to the surface I had to ask a few times if he was serious because I was so taken by surprise, then I finally spit out the word yes! We swam in and I found out this had been the plan the whole time. What made it even better was that just by chance a few friends were diving at the same spot and were all on the shore to celebrate with us in our first moments being engaged. My life revolves around the ocean, so having him do that in my favorite place meant the world to me!

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