Tracy and Evan

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How We Met

Evan and I met online in October 2016; we matched 100% on a paid site, which isn’ t the typical swipe right. November 1, 2016, was our first date after texting back and forth for a few days. We met at a new restaurant that he chose, State Fair, for dinner. I texted him as I arrived saying I was outside waiting in a black and white striped shirt with leggings. I looked up and what I saw next made me nauseous… another girl wearing a black and white striped shirt and leggings waiting for her date! How? Why? What if he looked nothing like his profile photo and I didn’t recognize him and he walked up to her? For 5 minutes I wasn’t sure if I should text him my shoe color; luckily I saw a guy walking up that looked like a nervous guy from the profile, so I waived first. It was him. Phew… The conversation was good, we talked about his job as a police officer and our life goals.

Less than a month prior, I had had weight loss surgery and said goodbye to my gallbladder, so I couldn’t really eat much. Since I hadn’t had much luck with dating in my life, I honestly figured I’d never see him again so I told him about how my body wasn’t functioning correctly. He didn’t seem to mind that I could barely eat the chicken he paid for and was very understanding of my current condition. I was definitely wrong about never seeing him again because we made plans for our second date at the end of the night (and now I’m wearing a ring and writing on this site). I knew he was a gentleman when he walked me all the way to my car and gave me a cute and awkward hug goodbye.

We went on a few dates every week, to the movies, Topgolf, dinners, and he even took me to the shooting range for my first time! I loved spending time with this guy, I was always so comfortable around him. I knew I loved him after just a few months on the date where I met all of his friends because he acted the exact same way around them and was proud to be next to me. One day while we were out I got really sick and he picked up my mom and drove us to an urgent care. He sat with us in the tiny cubicle room the entire time, while I was poked with needles and getting tests done. Nothing was found, so after a few hours he drove me and my mom home; that was the first time I told my mom I was going to marry him. I realize I was still full of morphine, but that’s when the truth comes out, right? My mom’s response was “Okay well then he needs to get a safer job.” She was joking.

Months went by and we decided we wanted to live together. We had both thoughts about purchasing a home so I pulled the trigger and bought my first house on August 7, 2017. For the next week and a half we had handymen coming in and out of the newly purchased, perfect little home, working on small things that needed fixing. We eagerly moved in on the 19th and on the 25th, we moved out. Hurricane Harvey came and went, taking most of our sheetrock and bedroom furniture with it. Yep, we had lived in our home for less than a week and then it flooded and we had no flood insurance since we had just purchased the house. Throughout the duration of the home repair, we lived at my mom’s house with our 3 (now 4) dogs. Evan was working a crazy police schedule because of Harvey, most days working 12 hour night shifts. We made it through the next few months, I worked from 7am-3pm at an elementary school in Special Education and he worked from at least 5pm-3am; we didn’t see much of each other but we made it work. In November, we moved back into our house, a week later a pipe burst, and it was back to mom’s house for another 2 weeks. Finally, the day came when we actually got to start living in our new house with our little dog family and no water in our home! We’ve been happily living in it ever since!

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how they asked

My sister came to town for the weekend to “meet my new (4th) dog” which I found out was clearly not the true reason. Evan had told me we would be taking Easter photos the next weekend so I had just bought a cute dress for it. My sister had invited us to go to lunch with her friend at a fancy restaurant near the Houston arboretum, so we would meet there and go to the restaurant together. I wasn’t sure what fancy met so I told him I was going to wear the new dress, but we couldn’t take any pictures at lunch because I didn’t want to wear the same outfit twice in a week, duh. So he drove us to the arboretum and I called my sister when we got there, she said they were exploring the nature and where to find them. We followed her directions for a 5-minute walk and finally rounded the corner and saw her standing there with her boyfriend, Evan’s parents, and a photographer friend who was hiding behind a tree.

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I quickly figured out what was happening and covered my face as tears started streaming down. He got down on one knee and all I heard him say was my name, the rest went completely blank either because I was crying so hard or just in shock that he pulled this off so well. All of a sudden I was saying “Yeah” and wearing the most beautiful rose gold bling on my finger.

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My sister walked over with my mom on FaceTime since she was in Israel traveling. I’m super happy that she got to witness the day from across the globe via Evan’s plan! I’m very proud of him for pulling off my first ever surprise, what an incredible moment for us!

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