Tracy and Eric

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How We Met

We met on Ok Cupid. After we started talking for a few days and getting to know each other we realized we had some mutual friends. Then we also realized that both of our fathers family’s grew up in the same town and went to the same church growing up. It was such a small world. We finally met at a local restaurant and the rest was history!

how they asked

I have been a dance teacher for about 9 years now and it’s a great passion of mine. When Eric and myself started dating I warned him that dance studio and my students are a big part of my life. Fast forward almost 2 year to April 24. I was off that night from the dance studio and my friend who is also the owner of the studio invited me out to an essential oil party. She told me to meet her at the studio and we would go from there. I got to the dance studio and she was already waiting in her car, I hoped in and we were off to the oil party! After a few hours we were on our way back to the dance studio and she reminded me that I had to go in to pick up my paycheck.

When we got back to the studio I walked in and was greeted by another teacher who asked me if I could come in to watch her dance. When she opened the door to the studio all of my students were standing there with signs that spelt out ” Will you marry me?” And standing next to them was Eric with roses and a ring box. Of course I fell to the ground and cried like a baby!

When I finally composed myself I walked in and he got on one knee and asked me to be his wife!! He then showed me that in the middle of the pink roses was one red rose. The red rose he told me was my fathers approval. He remember that my dad once told him that since I was a baby he would always gave me one red rose so he made sure it was known that he got my fathers permission. This was the best day of my life. I loved that he included my students who mean the world to me and have come to love him always being there to cheer them on!

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