Tracy and Chris

How we met: Chris and I went to high school together and had some mutual friends but never dated. In fact when I first went to meet his parents I was shocked to see myself on their mantle. It was a picture of Chris and I at his Senior prom with our High school boyfriend/girlfriends.

Image 2 of Tracy and Chris

Chris and I reconnected about 6 years later when a friend dragged me out one night to a country bar I typically never would have gone too. When I heard he was there I didn’t think anything of it and went to say hello. When I first saw him I thought “Wow! He is hot”. We spent the entire night talking and never looked back.

Chris is an LA city Firefighter so he was living in Long Beach at the time. It was too long after that he moved to San Diego. Fast forward 5 years later, 2 moves, and a year of long distance dating here we are!

how they asked: One of our first dates was to La Jolla where we grabbed hot chocolate and walked around the cove area. So it wasn’t odd when Chris suggested that we walk around La Jolla on Christmas Eve before dinner with my family. I got off work early and we headed down there to catch the sunset. We walked and walked until Chris suggested we walk out, wait it was more of a hike, to this cliff area.

Image 3 of Tracy and Chris

The entire time Chris had been carrying this card that he said was my Christmas gift. Before he gave it to me he explained why Christmas eve was so important to him because it was the first time he knew how he truly felt about me. He then told me that the card he had represented the next step in our relationship. I opened the card and it said Mr. and Mrs. on the front and I immediately got teary eyed. At this point Chris had moved behind me and when I turned around he was on one knee and before I could even read the rest of the card asked me to marry him.

Image 4 of Tracy and Chris

The card was really special to me because I have always made a big deal out of exchanging cards for every occasion. It’s such a special way to share your feelings in writing. Now I will have this card and memory forever! To top off the proposal Chris organized a dinner with all of our families to celebrate the engagement and meet for the first time.

Image 5 of Tracy and Chris

Image 1 of Tracy and Chris