Tracy and Billy

How We Met

I was 15 years old during the summer of 2008 when I met Billy Wasserman, aka the cute kid who played soccer who was always in the Roslyn newspaper. We grew up in neighboring towns on Long Island and went to a carnival the night we met. It had rained that night, and Billy used his jeans as a mop to wipe down the wet bench so I could sit. He also got me cotton candy and red bull (aka the key to my heart if you know me). You could say it was love at first sight, but there’s a lot more to this story. We had an immediate connection, but the timing was a little off. A year and a half of staying in touch and flirting later and our love story was finally put into motion. Billy was a freshman at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and I was a senior in high school. Wisconsin was high on my list for college, so I visited with my Mom and went out with Billy and his friends. We had our first kiss that night and stayed together basically until the sun rose the next morning when it was time for me to leave. It was pretty magical.

We stayed close that whole year and saw each other over his breaks, and both always told everyone that once we were finally together for an extended period of time that we would be inseparable. He came home that summer and was my date to senior prom. I’d say the rest is history, but there’s a lot more that went into this seemingly perfect love story. We spent every second together and got very serious. As summer wound down we weren’t sure what we were going to do because I was going to Vanderbilt, which is 650 miles and two connecting flights away from Wisconsin. We tried to keep it casual the first few months of my freshman year, but that didn’t last very long and we decided to give long distance a real shot. We knew it was going to be hard since we both went to party schools and didn’t know of many (if any) couples that had lasted through four years of long distance in college. Everyone thought there was no way we’d last and that we were crazy, but we were so madly in love so we had to give it a shot.

I’m not going to lie, it was really hard. After visiting each other many times that first year we were so excited to finally spend that summer back in NYC together. Billy got an amazing opportunity to study abroad in China, so instead of having those few months together, off to China, he went. (Fun fact: I somehow convinced my parents to let me visit him there at 18 years old). Then another year went by with many visits back and forth to Nashville/Madison, and we were excited to spend that next summer together back in NYC. Of course, we weren’t going to get off that easy and he ended up getting an awesome opportunity to intern in Chicago that summer, so we spent yet another summer that we were finally supposed to be together apart and visiting each other once again.

That next year I studied in Florence for a semester, and then after many more visits and spring breaks apart, and one final year of distance after he graduated in 2013, we had FINALLY made it. Four years later and we never broke up once and just kept making it through every single obstacle life threw at us. I graduated in 2014 and we ended up living across the street from each other in Murray Hill. Billy worked in consulting, so was traveling every week for work, but it was truly amazing to finally be together and living in the same city. We’ve now been living together for two years and couldn’t be happier!

how they asked

The next piece of our love story was a proposal. We’ve been together for so long and are pretty young (25 and 27), so felt there was no rush to get engaged. I thought maybe it would happen this summer or fall, but still 8 years later Billy somehow found a way to completely surprise me with the most amazing proposal ever. It was March 3rd, and we had a full day of activities planned. First on the agenda was brunch in Dumbo, Brooklyn with his sister who was in town for the weekend for their brother’s 30th birthday (which was the best disguise ever because it was totally believable that she’d fly home from college for this big milestone birthday). She told us there was a lot of traffic and she was going to be late for brunch, so we walked around Jane’s Carousel and enjoyed the gorgeous views. In typical Tracy fashion, I first wanted to walk around every single inch of the area taking pictures and then started complaining that I was getting cold and it was windy so I wanted to just wait for her at the restaurant.

As we were finally making our way towards the restaurant, all of a sudden I turn around and Billy is on the floor on his knee in front of the carousel (reminiscent of the night we met at the carnival). Still, in typical Tracy fashion I thought he was kidding and after yelling, “get up, stop, what are you doing, are you joking,” I heard the clicks of the hidden photographer and saw the ring and finally realized this was for real. The love of my life and my boyfriend of 8 years was proposing to me and although I was in complete shock and wouldn’t even let him finish (or start) his speech, I said YES!

I’m still in shock that he was somehow able to surprise me, even after all this time. The day just kept getting better and better and he kept surprising me. He had both of our families hiding in our fully decorated apartment once we got back, planned a party that night at a bar with all of our closest friends and family, and even coordinated to have my brother/future sister in law, and a best friend fly in from LA for the occasion.

It was the absolute best day of my life and I am now engaged to my best friend. We are getting married in the summer of 2019 on Long Island where we first met and both grew up, and are truly so happy. William Scott Wasserman is my true soulmate and I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with him!