Tracie and Remi

How We Met

I met Remi in January of 2018 when I matched with a handsome Parisian man on bumble – his university was in California, but his profile was in French. How intriguing! Ooh La la! Turns out he did an internship in California, but he lived in Paris and was only in Seattle for a 5-day work conference. MAJOR BUMMER!! But, I have always been in awe of Paris and although well-traveled, I have never been to Paris as I was saving it for someone special so I figured that if anything, I would be getting some real, local advice on Paris.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Chateau de Mirambeau - Bordeaux Region, France

After spending the rest of his free time on his trip together, he left to fly back home to Paris and we both instantly missed the other. We knew we had something special….but half the world away! I flew to Paris a few weeks later to spend more time with Remi to see if we do in fact have something special that we want to explore. We played tourist in his own city, went to the Opera, took a weekend trip to Reims because he knows I absolutely love champagne and has the most amazing time. So much so that I extended the trip from 3 weeks to nearly 2 months!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Chateau de Mirambeau - Bordeaux Region, France

How They Asked

My last weekend in Paris was approaching and by that time, we already knew we were going to find a way to make a relationship work. Remi planned a surprise weekend in the Bordeaux region of France for me and wow. I was blown away. He booked a beautiful Versaille Palace like a room in a stunning Renaissance castle.

Upon arrival, we were greeted with a bottle of champagne to enjoy while we got ready for dinner at the Michelin star restaurant in the castle. We enjoyed a delicious 5-course meal (and lots of wine, of course!) together and as dinner was coming to an end, Remi reached across the table, said a bunch of words I don’t remember because it was all a bur, and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. He isn’t into being the center of attention, which is why he didn’t get down on a knee, but that is fine by me. He did it in his own special way!

The castle kept the whiskey room open for us to celebrate after and that we did! The castle staff went above and beyond to make this a special weekend for us (thank you Chateau de Mirambeau!!) and we were both so sad to see it come to an end. I flew back to Seattle a few days later, a newly engaged woman and started packing up my life for the life-changing move to Paris to start our life together.

Although we had many speed bumps with the administration process, I arrived on a one-way ticket in June, just 4,5 months after meeting this incredible man. He is everything to me – kind, thoughtful, goofy, strong, intelligent, patient and he loves me unconditionally, flaws and all. He is my greatest surprise in 2018. We now live together in Paris, France with our fur baby, Scoop and were finally married in Las Vegas after numerous delays. We are so excited to start planning our vow renewal and a big celebration! Fun fact: dinner was so long that we technically got engaged on April 1, 2018!

Special Thanks

Janelle Fink
 | Photographer