Tracie and Cameron

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How We Met

He came up on my Facebook as “people you may know.” I messaged him and told him we should get to know each other. I was working out of town at the time, so planned to meet up in the following months when I was home. During that time, we talked on Facebook and Snapchat. When I got back home to Mississippi (where we are both from) we planned to meet for lunch one day. The county fair was in town and there is always a gumbo cook-off between the different booths. We went to lunch and because we both had to get back to work, we decided to meet again that same night for dinner. We have been together ever since then!!

how they asked

We took a vacation for 4th of July weekend to Cape San Blas, Florida. In the 8 months that we have been dating, we have gone to San Diego, Los Angeles, Bahamas, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, and Vermont. Although I was super excited to get away for a long weekend, this was just another ordinary trip. Or so I thought. We went to Florida with several other couples and we shared 2 houses, one on the bay side and one on the gulf side. My parents and their friends had the house on the bay side and my boyfriend and I had the house on the gulf.

On the third night of vacation, my parents had us all come to their house for dinner. After dinner, they wanted to go “see” our house. While we were giving a tour of the house, some of our friends walked to the beach. After touring the house, we walked to the beach to take pictures of the sunset. As my boyfriend and I were getting ready to take pictures, the others held up giant wooden scallop shells.

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They turned the shells around simultaneously and the reverse side of each shell said “Will You Marry Me?” I turned to look at my boyfriend and he was on one knee with a beautiful ring. It was absolutely perfect!!

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PS- Cape San Blas, FL is known for scallop fishing so the props were just the perfect fit for a proposal there.

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Special Thanks

Tiffany Wells
 | Photography