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How We Met

It was actually pretty simple.. In high school, I actually had a couple to girlfriends who dated some of Corey’s friends. We lived maybe 10 ,I it’s apart from each other and went to neighboring g high schools…so we both knew the people we hung out with, but never really talked ourselves. Fast forward to the summer before my senior year in college: my girlfriends and I always went on a beach vacation in the summer. We had gone to ocean city every year since high school, and August of 2011 was no different. It was the first summer that we were all finally 21 (I’m the youngest. I had just turned 21 in July that year; so we could all finally go out down there!) corey and his friends had been doing the same thing for years too! It had just so happened they were down at Ocean City Maryland at the same time. One of my friends had been texting back and forth with one of his friends about all of us meeting up one night down there to go out. Well, one night the 2 groups of friends met up and that’s when Corey and I officially met. We had a blast that night! The next night, we all ended up going to the same bar again, Seacrets. We were all hanging out and dancing and laughing and just having a good night! I had gone up to the bar to get my friend and I another drink and Corey was there with his friends getting shots. Now, I had only been 21 for a month, and I wasn’t really a big drinker… But all theirs insisted we do a round of shots with them, and of course we agreed! So shots of Rumplemintz was their choice. Well, if you’ve never had it, don’t ever try it! it was awful!!! It was kind of the running joke we had all night. So truthfully, it ended up being your typical “girl meets guy at a bar” and the rest was history. The rest of the night Corey and I talked and danced. I believe he bought a few more shots, which I now bust him and say he was trying to get me drunk.. But it worked! I can still picture the band singing, the confetti falling from the ceiling, and the exact spot at the bar where he kissed me for the first time. Now, let me say, I am in now way the type of girl who just kisses boys she technically just met. so the next morning, when I woke up, my girlfriends and I were talking about our night and they started busting me about kissing Corey. naturally I tried denying it, but they had photo proof! (We like to harass eachother) I tried blaming it on the liquid courage or alcohol, but deep down I knew that I had thought he was cure and so much fun, so I couldn’t really be upset. He had texted me that night after my friends and I had left the bar, so I had his number. We were leaving the beach that day, so I texted him back and we joked about the night before and what my girlfriends had said. For about a month afterwards, we talked and saw eachother out a few times. By October we had gone on our first date, and the rest is history! Our friendsstill to this day don’t let us live that beach trip down. In fact, every summer we still go to OCMD; we still go to Seacrets, and we make sure to have a shot of Rumplemintz, as gross as it is!

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how they asked

We had been dating for 4 years, and had discussed getting engaged all he time. It was pretty much known it was going to happen, it was just a matter of when. I actually would get my hopes up every time we had something going on or somewhere to go, because I thought it could happen. Corey is a very over the top person, so everyone knew when the time did come, it would be huge! I would tell him all the time I would be fine if it was us and our dog and he proposed with a ring pop in the living room, but ThAt just wasn’t his style. My birthday was July 13, and he had always said he would never propose on a holiday or birthday, but I thought just maybe he said that so I wouldn’t expect it. He also always said he would want my family there, so I figured it would be the perfect time. Well, Monday, July 13, 2015 came and went, and no ring! To say I was a little let down would be a minor understatement! ;) My older sister kept saying maybe it’ll happen here, or this day, or that day, so I tried to get something out of her, but she never would budge! We were going on our annual beach trip that Saturday, July 18th, so I thought maybe just maybe it would happen where we met. The rest of the week wAs normal. We had planned back in April, to go to a country concert on that Friday, July 17th, the day before we left. We were going to see country artist, Chris young. A couple years back, I had heard one of his songs that I instantly sent to Corey. “Who I Am With You” would undoubtedly be “our” song. it was perfect! We had always said, if we got married it would be our wedding song. So when we found out he was coming to Mount Airy Casino, presented by The Sherman Theatre, I knew I wanted to go. He had a bunch of other songs I loved too. So Friday came, and all day I thought well wait, maybe he’ll do it today! The thought slowly melted away. I work full time as a nurse, so I rarely have days off. My father had asked me that day why I was off, who Chris young was, and where I was going. Immediately I thought “well he clearly didn’t ask my dad for permission, he has no idea, so it isn’t happening.” My sister also said she had her friend’s Jewelers party to go to that night, so I thought she obviously wouldn’t be there, so even more a reason why it won’t happen!

Corey had called earlier in the day, and told me his boss had gotten meet and greet passes and gave them to us. Initially I thought it was suspicious, but then thought maybe that was his way to get us there early and he would propose…. well, let’s just say when we got there and actually got the meet and greet passes, I was slightly disappointed! Don’t get me wrong! I was happy we were going to meet Chris young, but I really was holding out hope for a proposal!

We waited in line right before the concert to meet Chris Young. In the months leading up to the concert, I had said if Corey proposed before this day, I was going to make a sign asking Chris Young to sing “our” song and maybe he would pull us up on stage. (A girl can dream!) but he didn’t propose so I didn’t make a sign! Corey kept telling me I should still say something when we met him, but I was so embarrassed! I kept saying if I say we’re engaged, he’ll probably ask to see my ring, and I don’t have one! When the time came, we got our picture with Chris Young and I did ask if he was playing the song. He said yes and asked why. My response was just because when we get married, it is going to be our wedding song. He in turn kept saying congratulations, and before he could ask anything else, I walked away bright red! Corey however stayed back, and told him his huge surprise he had planned for that night! I had no idea!

The concert started and it was great! We had seats in the seventh row and they were perfect. After about 3 songs, we noticed there were some seats in the second row no one had taken. Corey kept saying we should go sit there, but I was convinced we would get kicked out, so I wouldn’t budge! I got up to go to the bathroom, and hurried back because I truly didn’t want to miss my favorite song. When I got back, Chris Young was talking about how his next song came with a big surprise, and single people would hate it, or something like that. Corey got up and insisted we move our seats to the ones closer. Initially I didn’t, but then I felt weird sitting by myself so I got up to sit with him in the seats closer.


the music for Who I Am With You started playing, and Corey told me to stand up. I was yelling at him telling him they weren’t even our seats, that no one else was standing up during the slow song, and that I didn’t want to get kicked out! He kept insisting, so finally I just stood next to him. Once I stood, he grabbed my hand and started walking out to the aisle. I was mortified! We were literally front and center right by the stage! I was convinced we were going to get kicked out! He actually had to drag me out of the seats. When we got to the aisle, I turned around to go sit back down, and that was when I saw my sister walking down the aisle, videotaping us with her phone. My heart stopped. I slowly turned around, and saw Corey getting down on one knee. all of this going on while our song, Who I Am With You, played!!!! Thank god for the videos because otherwise I don’t remember the exact moment! OF COURSE I SAID YES!! Everyone was screaming and clapping. Chris Young actually stopped his band and the music and started talking to us. it was a movie made proposal! Chris Young started playing the song again, and we danced in the aisle! Once the song was over, I looked to the stage, and saw my dad bent down video taping! I couldn’t even believe it!!! My sister and my dad had both been there the whole time!! Afterwards, my sister said we should walk outside the concert to call my mom, because her and my brother were waiting at home for the news. So we walked out, only to find my mom and brother waiting for us. I ran down the sidewalk and gave them a huge hug! My whole family had been there! Corey had planned everything out with them!!!

My sister had known for awhile, but he went to my house that Wednesday before, and got my mom, dad, and brother involved too! Corey had emailed Chris Young’s people, Mount Airy, The Sherman Theatre, and Froggy 101 for months planning this. He had actually gotten the meet and greets himself from Froggy 101, our local country radio station. He got the set list from Chris Young’s people and the stage manager of The Sherman Theatre, so he knew exactly when the song would play. I couldn’t even believe it. I never in a million years would have pictured his proposal. My parents at a country concert!? My brother there!? (He hates loud music) my sister helping to plan it !? Of all the times I dreamt of it happening, nothing compared to this night. I know everyone says that they have the perfect proposal, but ours was more perfect ann ever imaginable! And now we are set to get married June 17, 2017!!!!

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