Traci and Christian

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How We Met

During my fourth semester of nursing school, a new student (Christian) was introduced to the whole class and I did notice how cute he is. Christian and I sat in the same row but just a few people in between us. Nursing school is like a family and of course, we all knew each other, so someone new coming into the mix must have been somewhat intimidating. For the next few weeks in the lecture, I looked down the row a few times but couldn’t help notice why Christian looked so mad. I get it, nursing school is rough, but sometimes we just have to laugh instead of cry. But Christian was quiet and always had a straight-face. We never spoke until 6 months later in our final semester. My nursing bestie (she is still my best friend) Brittni, had Christian in her clinical group. Clinical groups in the nursing school are a tight-knit group so she got to spend some time getting to know him and she said: “Traci you gotta go out with him.” I remember telling her “What!? He never speaks!” She said, “He talks all the time in our clinical group and he never shuts up!” I was stunned because that wasn’t the Christian I knew from class. I thought my friend Brittni was crazy and never really put any thought into the idea. But Brittni persisted and started including him in our text messages about school stuff and invited him to one of our study sessions. We all three agreed to study at Panera Bread and of course Christian was already there and Brittni wasn’t. Talk about awkward!! We hardly said anything to each other and in the back of my mind I was thinking “Brittni hurry up!” After that day we started texting just the two of us and went out on our first date. Christian was a gentleman and I was blown away that he actually talked and his jokes were actually funny. From then on we were together. We graduated nursing school together, started our career together, bought our first home together, and have experienced life in the best way possible. I love you sugar

how they asked

On the morning of March 3, 2018, our alarm clock went off real early because on that day WE WERE GOING TO DISNEY WORLD! Christian and I work nights so getting up early is not our forte. Although I was excited I just couldn’t get moving! I really wanted to put the whole face on (as my mom would say) but opted for some quick foundation and mascara. I remember telling Christian that I was just going to put a little makeup on and as always he said: “Whatever you want to do” (He knew that I would want to look my best when he proposed to me but couldn’t say anything because it would have been rude). We got our stuff together and hit the road to my sister’s house in Concord because they were driving us to the airport. We stopped at Chick-fil-a real quick and then it was back on the highway. When we arrived at my sister’s house I backed in (which later I shouldn’t have done) and my sister and brother-in-law were standing outside waiting for us. Christian got out of the car and looking back on it he actually jumped out of the car and rushed over to my side. I was so adamant to take the Chick-fil-a bag to the trashcan but Christian made sure I didn’t go anywhere I wasn’t supposed to and threw it back in the car. I was missing all the subtle hints of course and Christian pulled me over to the side and said he wanted to tell me something before we left. I HAD NO IDEA THAT HE WAS GOING TO PROPOSE THAT MORNING. He drops down on one-knee and if I wasn’t awake at that moment I was fully awake now! It was one of the happiest moments of my life. Little did I know that our awesome family would get up early and be there. So when I turned around they were all standing on the porch with their phones! I had hardly any makeup on, was wearing a sweater for the plane ride, nails were not done, and hair just blowing all over the place but I never felt more beautiful in my life. We had a blast at Disney and it was the perfect way to celebrate our engagement! We are so excited to officially become the Baker’s!

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