Tracey and Philip

How We Met: Philip and I met online-skeptical as we may have been about it! I knew I liked him right away when he told me he liked the names of my cats, and didn’t think I was a crazy cat lady! I fell in love with him slowly.

When he made his horribly funny pun-intended jokes, brought me flowers for every single date we went on, loved hearing the sound of my loud laugh, and would rather see me smile than anything in the world. He is the man of my dreams, and the person I have been waiting for for 28 years. I can’t believe how lucky we are to have found each other’s other halves.

how they asked: Philip took me on a walk during the sunset on our annual vacation to Pentwater Michigan with two of our best friends. We were walking around picking up Driftwood and he asked what the date was…I told him it was June 27th and he replied that it had been two and a half years to the day that we met and it had been the best years of his entire life.

We were walking in the water and I couldn’t hold back my tears when he got down on one knee in the water and asked if I would do him the honor of spending the rest of my years as his wife. All I remember is jumping into his arms and crying of course!

Image 1 of Tracey and Philip

When he pulled out the ring I almost passed out from its beauty! I can’t wait to marry him and spend many more years on that beach reminiscing about the most special day in our lives.

Image 2 of Tracey and Philip
Image 3 of Tracey and Philip