Tracey and Joshua

How We Met

In the summer of 2015, I had been going through a rough patch. So in true best friend fashion, my best friend through a house party and told me I HAD to be there because she wanted me to meet someone. The night of the party came and she introduced me to Joshua. We hit it off from the very beginning and swapped phone numbers. We spent a few weeks texting before we finally had a date. Photo of our first date.

Tracey's Proposal in Museum of Modern Art, NYC

how they asked

Joshua and I were planning a super trip to NYC for my birthday. We were planning to go with his mom and aunt. We were excited! We got to NYC on November 30 and spent the first day sight seeing. On December 2nd we spent the day in little Italy! We were having so much fun. At lunch we started discussing our evening plans and Joshua mentioned that The MOMA was currently displaying Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night and that Friday December 1st was a free night. I was ecstatic and begged our group to go see the painting. But no one was very interested in going to a museum instead of shopping or Times Square. So I began to tell them that it wasn’t a big deal and we should do something everyone wants to do. Then all of the sudden his mother INSISTED that we go to MOMA and wouldn’t take no for an answer! It was very strange in the moment. Flash forward to that night and we walked into the MOMA and Joshua suddenly was acting very strange! I was anxious to go up to the exhibit but he was dragging his feet and taking his time. And finally, I guess he worked up the courage, he practically dragged me up the stairs to the exhibit. When we got to the exhibit he turned and looked at me and took a deep breath. He then started telling me all these sweet things and crying. And I immediately realized what was happening.

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