Tracey and Jason

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How We Met

Tracey’s version: We met probably sometime in the 6th grade when the three elementary schools in our school district combined for middle school, but we don’t really remember. I have memories of Jason as early as 7th grade as we were in the same homeroom. Anyway, at some point we realized we have the same birthday and from then throughout the rest of middle and high school, we would always wish each other “Happy Birthday, Buddy!” on our birthday. After high school, we didn’t see each other much anymore as Jason left Upstate NY for Virginia Tech, and I stayed in the Albany, NY area to commute to college. Eventually, Jason came back to the Albany, NY area and worked at Five Guys in Glenmont, NY while pursuing his Master’s degree at UAlbany. At that time, I was working in Glenmont, NY and would head to Five Guys for lunch or dinner sometimes and would see Jason there. He would always give me a friendly head-nod and say “Hey!” whenever I came in. Eventually, Jason stopped working at Five Guys so I stopped seeing him there, but FaceBook had caught on and we were FaceBook friends by then. Jason would give me parenting/math advice when I would turn to FaceBook to vent about Ella’s ridiculous math homework! Fast-forward to early April, 2012 when I received a FaceBook message from Jason, asking me to celebrate our shared birthday together that year. I was surprised and a little freaked out, and immediately called my friend Christie – she knew Jason a lot better than I did throughout high school. Christie, in her infinite wisdom, said “It’s just Jason!” and encouraged me to respond to his message. I messaged him back, he gave me his number, I gave him my number, and he called on that Saturday. I was too nervous to answer so I let him leave a message. I called him back that night though, and we ended up talking on the phone for HOURS. We were on the phone so long my cordless phone died and I spent the last hour or so of the conversation sitting in my desk chair so I could use my corded phone! Since it was more than a month before our birthday, we talked about possibly getting together to catch a movie or something in the nearer future. After our phone call, I got freaked out again and decided I wasn’t reaching out to him to set up anything but if he reached out to me, that was fine. Sure enough, he texted me on the following Wednesday and said to let him know if I wanted to get together. That was my sign, so I texted him back, we talked later that night and set up plans to see a movie the next night. Before that, I talked to Christie again and was still freaked out and insisted to her “This is NOT a date!” Christie agreed it did not have to be a date, but I was still freaked out anyway. Jason arrived at my house Thursday evening to pick me up for our non-date – we went to see “American Reunion” and then to Ruby Tuesday’s for dinner/drinks afterward. Jason took me back home and we sat in his car talking for a long time as I didn’t want to get out of the car – I was having such a good time! We agreed to see each other again and the rest, as they say, is history! Jason’s version: ^^What she said.

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how they asked

We had a long weekend away planned. Little did I know he was planning to propose that weekend! When planning the weekend away, we decided to buy the Essex Steam Train and Riverboat package through the Inn and take a ride on a 1920’s steam train and steam boat. The day finally came for our excursion, and Jason kept asking if we would be coming back to our room prior to leaving for our Steam Train and Riverboat ride. I assured him we would, and we went about our morning, wandering around the quaint little town. He seemed a little anxious once we were finally on our way to our excursion, but he played it off as being excited to see and ride the train and boat. We rode the train first (which was a very cool experience) and then boarded the boat. The boat had an open-air upper deck that would only be opened to passengers once the boat was safely out on the river. Jason was insistent that we be in the first group of people to go on the upper deck. It was COLD on the river in October, so I insisted I didn’t want to stay up there long! We finally got on the top deck and saw the beautiful scenery while cruising down the river. A few minutes into our time on the upper deck, Jason turned to me and asked if I was having a good time. I told him I was having a great time. He then asked if I enjoyed doing things like this. I said yes. He finally asked “Do you want to keep doing things like this?” I said “You mean taking trips and doing new things together? Yes! We’ve talked about how we want to travel together!” He then dropped down on one knee, popped open the ring box, and said “Ok – then will you marry me?” I was so surprised! I had no idea!! Of course, I said YES! Later that day, I figured out so many things! He kept asking me if we would have time to go back to our room before leaving for our excursion because he was leaving the ring in the room until it was time for the boat/train! And him being anxious while driving to the train totally made sense!

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^^ Us, about 5 minutes after I said “Yes!”