Tracey and Dr. Julian

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Hawaii

How We Met

Dr. Julian Isaacs and Tracey Riley met through a mutual friend. They instantly fell in love as a result of the quality time they spent together. Tracey’s submissive, nurturing and supportive ways connected Julian to her. Where ever Julian went he wanted her by his side. Since Julian and Tracey have been together they have spent every day together.

Tracey's Proposal in Hawaii

How They Asked

Tracey surprised Dr. Julian on a trip to Hawaii for his birthday. Julian was not aware he was going to Hawaii until he was at the airport. Tracey filled the trip with different excursions, booked a 5-star hotel and hired a limo for the whole entire trip.

1/1/2018 while they were at a Luau. Julian during intermission of the show. In front of hundreds of people proposed to Tracey who he refers to as his queen.

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